Boulder Bowl, Boulder City, Nevada

As if the most perfect retro vibes aren’t already sealed with a visit to Boulder City’s Historic District, the experience manages to leap from great to grand with a visit to the frozen-in-time Boulder Bowl… a bowling alley that has remained mostly unchanged since opening in the 1940s. Located off the Main Drag adjacent to the public parks that Boulder City is known for, Boulder Bowl has recently gone through a management change, but kept historic preservation front of mind. Other than the resurfacing of the lanes themselves, just about everything about Boulder Bowl – from the mechanical pinsetters to the curved wooden benches – is the same as it was in the 40s.

If forced to choose only one feature, perhaps the best quality found at Boulder Bowl is the alley’s sheer size. With only 8 bowling lanes, it makes any time spent here feel special… like you are part of a private outing of some sort. If an actual private event is what you’re after, you can do that at Boulder Bowl too, as they’ve made themselves available for leagues, tournaments, and private parties. Boulder Bowl features a snack bar, as well as a full bar with top shelf liquor. Outside food and beverage is permitted, with the exception of alcohol.

For a true throwback treat in an already historic community, Boulder Bowl is the only way to do it. Keep an eye out for special events, and themed nights!


Open from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM, seven days a week.

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Southern Nevada, Nevada


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