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Now in the heart of Elko, the fascinatingly historic Sherman Station was originally constructed in the 1870s in Huntington Valley, 60 miles south of Elko. Relocated to its present day home in downtown Elko, the historical lumber pine ranch house and outbuildings serve as Elko’s Visitor’s Center, but have quite the extensive history to back it.

Settled by Valentine and Sophie Walther in 1875, the duo set up shop in Huntington Valley living in covered wagons for the first few years until completing a small log house. The Walther’s eventually had twelve children who helped develop a successful and happy homestead. By 1895, Sophie perished in a carriage accident. After her untimely death and a slew of grown kids out of the house, Valentine constructed a two-story home and was soon known as Sherman, and stand as the largest log house in Nevada during this time. With three years alone devoted to cutting and hauling timber, several more years to shape the logs and a few more to build the home, the homestead took seven years to complete. In addition to the large two-story building serving as a private residence, it also became a stage shop, a post office and community center.  Serving as a stage shop, the Sherman homestead had several other buildings on the property, including a blacksmith shop, creamery and even a one-room school house.

The relocation of this historic site was initiated in 1995, and successfully relocated to its current location in 1997. When visiting this intriguing property today, visitors can enter the original 2-story residence for further historical tidbits, and secure information on things to see and do in the Elko area. Visitors can also get a look inside the blacksmith shop with original tools, the creamery and equipment the family would’ve used to separate and store dairy products, and the one-room school house complete with a teachers desk, pot belly stove, map and blackboard.

A truly unique Visitor’s Center and fascinating step back in time to say the least. The Sherman House is most definitely worthy of stopping by on your next visit to Elko!

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