Ready to experience one of the clearest bodies of water on earth at new depths? Located in South Lake Tahoe, make Tahoe Dive Center part of your Lake Tahoe Loop Discoveries. An official Scuba Schools International (SSI) partner, Tahoe Dive Center is the premiere diving outfit in Lake Tahoe, not only putting you in touch with all the best places to dive in Lake Tahoe, but offering unbeatable expertise with a knowledgeable staff to guide you safely through those crystalline waters.

Whether you’re looking to get an open water certification, explore Emerald Bay Underwater State Park with the expert care of trained guides, or simply experience Lake Tahoe’s unmatched clarity unlike ever before, make Tahoe Dive Center part of your Big Blue discoveries.

Offering a variety of courses designed to suit all skill levels, get yourself signed up for a variety of Tahoe Dive Center classes ranging from Open Water Diving, to Scuba Skills refinement, Dry Suit Diving, Specialty Certifications, Altitude Diving, Diver Stress & Rescue Training, and much more. If you’ve already got the training and certifications under your belt, sign up for a Tahoe Dive Center charter tour like the Sand Harbor Shore Dive, which brings divers through large granite boulder swim-throughs, an ancient, petrified tree submerged 80 feet below the surface, and many more unusual features only possible in a place like Lake Tahoe.

For more information on courses offered, guides and staff, and chartered tours available in all corners of Lake Tahoe, get in touch with Tahoe Dive Center directly at (775) 884-3483.


Ready to dive on in? As one of the clearest, coldest bodies of water on earth, Tahoe Dive Center is open seasonally, seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the spring, summer, and fall months, and open by appointment only during the winter. 


For the most current information on products, classes, and how to get on the calendar, get in touch with Tahoe Dive Center directly at (775) 884-3483.

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