reno ghosts tour outside washoe county courthouse

Meet the spirits of the Biggest Little City – birthed from tragic crimes, unsolved mysteries, and real-life horror – with Reno Ghosts as your guide.

Dive deep into downtown Reno’s haunted history and discover the sordid secrets, strange deaths, and unexplained tragedies that continue to cause supernatural sightings and sensations in the Biggest Little City.

Take a one-hour guided tour with Reno Ghosts and get acquainted with some legendary spirits of Reno’s past. You’ll hear about Myron Lake, the founder father of Reno whose mansion is the departure point for the tour, and Roy Frisch, whose disappearance remains unsolved to this day. At the site of the former Mapes Hotel, you can decide if angry specters did indeed curse Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and Montgomery Clift while filming “The Misfits.” You’ll also stand on the steps of the Washoe County Courthouse, the site of Reno’s first and only public execution.

While only covering a mile, the walking tour packs in spine-tingling stories. If you want to see even more haunted locations, ask about the bonus extended tour. And next time you find yourself underneath the neon lights of the Biggest Little City, you’ll know the darkness behind them…


Reno Ghosts tours are offered nightly at 8pm, departing from Lake Mansion.


Reno Ghosts tour tickets are $25 per person.

This Location:

Northwestern, Nevada