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Being inspired by the mountain terrains of Nevada, Forsaken River Spirits captures this spirit with their unique whiskey, gin, and vodka. The distillery founders produce them in a meticulous, handcrafted manner, putting all the magic into small-sized batches that ensure masterfully measured quality. Their Rye Patch whiskey, for example, blends rye, oats, and barley to give it a perfect mix of smoothness, crispness, and creaminess. With their Highland Gin, local botanical ingredients, such as juniper berries, lavender, and sage, are used to obtain a drink that through its taste tells about mountain desert rain storms. With their Forsaken River Vodka, on the other hand, they continue their commitment to traditional distillery methods to produce a relish from malted wheat which holds a sweet taste with a smooth texture. All this to envelope the spirit of the western mountain states.

This Location:

Northwestern, Nevada