COVID-19 Health & Safety

COVID-19 Health & Safety Travel Info

Nevada is one of the most incredible places to get outside and play, explore, and get away from it all. Of course, these days, some things are a little different. Here’s what to consider before you come camping and adventuring, and what to know when you do.

For info on Nevada’s Roadmap to Recovery, please click here.

See you when you’re ready to wander our way.

Know Before You Go

The official position of the State of Nevada—in solidarity with other states and the Centers for Disease Control—is to practice safe social distancing, wear a mask whenever possible, and be sure to maintain hand-washing.

As you map out your time in Nevada, be sure to use the following resources of the most up-to-date info:

Happening Now:
Nevada COVID-19 Travel Updates

Updated Restrictions 04/13/2021

Governor Steve Sisolak has announced Nevada will fully reopen at 100% capacity by June 1. Social distancing guidelines will vary place-to-place by May 1, though mask wearing will be required in all 17 Nevada counties. While additional measures may vary per county based on plans currently being submitted for state approval, masks will be required with no ability to pass resolutions or create plans that will override the state mandate.

Nevada is all about open-road adventures, but please brush up on travel restrictions and safety guidelines before heading for our horizons.

Nevada’s Roadmap to Recovery: 02/2021—05/2021

As Nevada navigates the COVID-19 global pandemic and continues vaccinating residents through an efficient and equitable approach, plans for a safe reopening must focus on how we can continue mitigating the spread while getting Nevada’s back to work. Specific capacity limits per business type, social distancing, requiring the use of masks, increasing ventilation and using disinfectants on high-touch surfaces continues to be a top priority in mitigating risk. The goal of this transition is—happening now through May 1st—is to responsibly and safely reopen while continuing to experience downward trends and allow each county in Nevada to demonstrate improvements before the transition to local authority on May 1, 2021.

Current Health and Safety Requirements

Announced and in effect as of 03/12/2021
  • Gaming Establishments: 35% capacity limit.
  • Retail Stores/Malls: May operate under strict social distancing requirements; 50% capacity limit.
  • Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries, Aquariums & Zoos: 50% capacity limit.
  • Arcades, Racetracks, Bowling Alleys, Mini Gold, Amusement & Theme Parks & Similar Activities: 35% capacity limit.
  • Spas, Massage Therapy and Massage Establishments: may operate under strict social distancing requirements established by the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology. Services shall be provided by appointment only.
  • The following will remain CLOSED: Adult entertainment establishments, brothels, day clubs & nightclubs.
  • Face Coverings/Masks MUST be worn anytime you’re around people who are not in your household. Face Coverings/Masks are required at every business venue and gathering space—both public and private.
  • Private Gatherings: Limited to 10 people or fewer indoors and 25 people outdoors.
  • Public Gatherings: Limited to no more than 50% of fire code capacity.
  • Food & Drink Establishments: Indoor dining allowed at no more than 35% occupancy under strict social distancing requirements. No occupancy limits for outdoor dining. Reservations are not required; no more than 6 patrons per table.
  • Live Entertainment Gatherings: Live music, performances, competitions and sporting events are now allowed, provided social distancing is maintained and all safety protocols are followed.

Nevada is wide open. Whether you’re planning to hit Nevada’s urban or rural areas (or both!) health and safety restrictions are changing all the time, and may vary based on which county you arrive in, travel through, or depart from.

Get the Lowdown on Nevada COVID Restrictions By County

Beginning May 1, health and safety restrictions can vary between Nevada’s 17 counties. Masks wearing will be required throughout the State of Nevada, but please make sure you know what’s required (and what isn’t) before you hit the road. Check back for updates starting May 1 for specific by-county guidelines and restrictions pertaining to mask wearing requirements, social distancing measures and more.

Southern Nevada Counties

  • Clark County (Las Vegas)
  • Esmeralda County
  • Humboldt County
  • Lincoln County
  • Mineral County
  • Nye County

Northern Nevada Counties

  • Washoe County (Reno)
  • Carson City County
  • Douglas County
  • Churchill County
  • Elko County
  • Eureka County
  • Lander County
  • Lyon County
  • Pershing County
  • Storey County
  • White Pine County


Ready to blow up some feeds? Whether it’s a #nofilter-worthy slice of scenery or some seriously FOMO-inducing selfies, use #travelnevada to share your own incredible only-in-Nevada moments.

Look at how red those colors are!
Planning trips in late Feb/early March are tricky. We had to adjust plans a few times due to weather and permits. Landed on a 12 mile paddle through the Black Canyon, down the Colorado River...making stops along the way to explore and soak in 4 different hot springs, then camped on the beach with an impressive fire, post an under the stars soak adventure. Not sure how I’m going to go back to a life that doesn’t include a daily nature soak 🤷🏻‍♀️ becky.schreiber wins the trip saver award for coming up with plan F that was an A+ adventure and thankful for kkurc for doing all the hard work of steering the canoe 🛶
Still about a month away from being able to see the galactic core but now is a good time to start shooting because temps are still cool and now I am seeing more of the gas clouds. Stars will be tact sharp because of almost zero atmospheric distortion from heat. About 9pm last night, 51 deg, and a rain shower just passed through the area so it smelled nice. The mercury vapor street light added a nice green glow to the buildings. It was nice to hangout at an abandoned ghost town, by myself, in the dark……
#nikon D810
#nikkor 14-24mm ƒ/2.8
25 sec ƒ/2.8
ISO 2500
Cathedral Gorge State Park
Visited the coolest bar I've ever seen in Nevada, the Pioneer Saloon over 100 years old and been in hundreds of movies and video games #PioneerSaloon #SaloonBar #Bar #Nevada #Western #Movies #Goodsprings #Fallout #NewVegas #Bikers #Route66 #HarleyDavidson #RoadTrip #USA #America #Country
Every time it snows I just remind myself that a lot of snow now means a ton of beautiful wildflowers a few months from now!!
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#fbf for this postcard-worthy day at redrockcanyonlv. This was just after I sliced my ankle to pieces on the cog and FaceTimed nurse_catchit instead of going to the doctor. #oops I now have a gnarly scar to always remember this trip by. There’s never a bad day in this park, and I’ll be back in September. Hopefully with less injuries and a few climbing ropes this time. (Cough cough benjisaurus.) #redrockcanyon #vegasbaby #outdoorvegas #ventureready #nevada #adventure #cycling
The oldest living organisms on Earth lying patiently in the shadow of Wheeler Peak and the glacier. These freakin trees are older than Jesus guys. Also the trail through this forest was full of so many loose rocks I swear I nearly twisted my ankles a dozen times. Be safe out in the middle of nowhere guys. I also love this first photo because you can see the Great Basin desert stretch off into the distance at roughly ~6,000ft less elevation in a dozen miles. 
#GreatBasinNationalPark #GreatBasinGroovin #TravelNevada #BristleconePine #MtWheeler
When you're feeling a little weird, you roadtrip to explore Nevada and gotta see Area 51👽
Spring is here!!! Gotta go out and smell all the things and chase all the bugs. •