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Nevada is one of the most incredible places to get outside and play, explore, and get away from it all. Of course, these days, some things are a little different. Here’s what to consider before you come camping and adventuring, and what to know when you do.

For information on the current Statewide Pause and updates from 11/22/2020, please click here.

Your Future Memories Are Calling

Daydreaming about your next adventure? We don’t blame you. (What can we say, Nevada’s a pretty amazing place to visit.)  We’re excited to welcome you back. Of course, as the Silver State has been reopening its doors, things are still a little different from destination to destination while we all adjust to the world’s new ways of traveling.

Before you bucket-list your way around our site, check out the links below to stay up on reopenings around Nevada. Because here in the Silver State, a whole world of adventure awaits. Your future memories are calling. 

See you when you’re ready to wander our way.

Searching For Some Social Distance?

With wide-open roads and wilderness galore, Nevada’s got plenty. Nevada is one of the most incredible places to get outside and play, explore, and get away from it all. Of course, these days, some things are a little different. Here’s what to consider before you come adventuring, and what to know when you do.

The official position of the State of Nevada—in solidarity with other states and the Centers for Disease Control—is to practice safe social distancing, wear a mask whenever possible, and be sure to maintain hand-washing.

What’s Happening Out There?

Expect Crowds

Craving an adventure? Chances are, you’re not the only one with that idea. Some of our favorite camping spots are still closed, which can create a funnel effect to ones that have reopened. Combined with higher visitation than average (often by large groups with varying ideas on safe behavior), your vision of a tranquil getaway and outdoor solace may be met with a reality of the cars and crowds you were hoping to get away from.

This is especially true at Lake Mead, Red Rock National Conservation Area, Sand Mountain Recreation Area, Lamoille Canyon, Valley of Fire and other Nevada State Parks, hot springs, and many always-popular Nevada destinations. But you may also find that, right now, even our farther-flung locales, where it’s normally rare to encounter (or easy to avoid) other human life forms (like the Black Rock Desert and Soldier Meadows), are busier than ever.

Ophir Mill Ghost Town
Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Be Closure-Minded: Travel Restrictions in Nevada

Nevada is wide open. But that doesn’t mean your destination currently is, local or otherwise. And things are changing all the time. Check closure and restriction status for camping and recreating well in advance, and check them again on your departure date.​​​​ If things are open, expect drastic reductions in day use admittance and campground space.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

Make Sure You’re Sure. If you’ve recently felt under the weather, come enjoy Nevada’s incredible destinations another time. They’ll still be here—and always will be.

Limited Emergency Services

Nevada’s wild places are some of the country’s most remote. (Which is one of the reasons we love them!) However, that also means they’re often far from help, if you need it. At a time when many already-limited emergency services are extremely overtaxed, this makes risky adventures even riskier.

What’s The Difference?

Right now, anywhere you go, expect your visitor experience to be very different than normal. For instance, many sites (if open) are unstaffed. Large recreation areas may have few rangers to help you. Facilities are likely to be locked up (especially bathrooms and visitors centers) and kiosks may not be stocked with maps and pamphlets. With spotty (or nonexistent) cell service, make sure you have your info before you need it and can’t find it.

Read up on what permits you may need in order to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Many destinations require certain permits now, which you might not have needed in the past.

LEAVE NO TRACE—Especially Of Your Germs

Bring everything you need from home. In addition to your normal gear list, be sure to pack: 

  • Mask
  • Soap / hand sanitizer
  • TP and paper towels (wet wipes are also good for all kinds of sanitary needs)
  • Gloves
  • Disinfectant wipes for gas pumps, ATMs, etc. You don’t know who’s been touchin’ that stuff!
  • Trash bags
International Car Forest of the Last Church
Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Out of Services?

  • Expect many attractions that would normally add color your road trip to be closed.
  • Bring everything you need from home. Small towns may not have what you need—or may not appreciate you buying up things from stores and places locals depend on for those items themselves.
  • Call ahead to check restaurant hours. Nevada is full of amazing eats. But keep in mind that these are often small cafés in small towns (or, in some cases, not even in towns). Ask if curbside service is available. And be ready for a wait. It’s probably worth it, but just get yourself into a patient mindset and always stay respectful of busy staff.

Remember Always: Pack It In, Pack It Out!

Going the (Social) Distance

  • Hiking or riding? Observe that six foot distance rule.
  • See a lot of cars in a parking lot or trailhead? Keep driving.
  • Keep going the (social) distance: Give a wide enough berth of six feet from folks—or ten when you’re eating—and don’t forget to pull that mask up when you approach anyone.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

Be nice to people! If you encounter fellow adventurers, keep your minimum distance, but don’t treat them like zombies. Even if they were, with what’s going on right now, they probably wouldn’t want to eat your brains anyway. (Extremely high-risk behavior.)

Happening Now:
Nevada COVID-19 Travel Updates

Statewide Pause in Effect 11/24/2020—12/15/2020


Due to spikes in Coronavirus cases around the state, Nevadans are being asked to hunker down at home for a little while. Effective Tuesday, 11/24/2020 at 12:01 a.m. for three weeks through 12/15/2020, a Statewide Pause is in effect with new restrictions in place.

Statewide Pause: Updated Restrictions

  • Face Coverings/Masks MUST be worn anytime you’re around people who are not in your household. Face Coverings/Masks are required at every business venue and gathering space—both public and private.
  • Private Gatherings: Limited to 10 people or fewer from no more than 2 households—indoors & outdoors.
  • Public Gatherings: 50 individuals of 25% capacity, whichever is less.
  • Food & Drink Establishments: Indoor & Outdoor dining allowed at no more than 25% occupancy under strict social distancing requirements.
  • Gaming Establishments: 25% capacity limit.
  • Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries, Aquariums & Zoos: 25% capacity limit.
  • Arcades, Racetracks, Bowling Alleys, Mini Gold, Amusement & Theme Parks & Similar Activities: 25% capacity limit.
  • The following will remain CLOSED: Adult entertainment establishments, brothels, day clubs & nightclubs.

The 3-week Nevada Statewide Pause does not apply to or change current health and safety protocols, including capacity limitations for retails stores (including indoor malls), personal services such as barber shops, hair and nail salons, body art or piercing establishments, massage and spa establishments, community recreational centers, and K-12 schools—all of which can continue operating under previous guidance and directives.

Lake Tahoe

During Backcountry Safety Awareness week, a series of short videos developed by Tahoe community leaders, like Sierra Avalanche Center, will provide detailed information daily on specific backcountry safety topics and avalanche education opportunities.

Backcountry Safety Awareness Week: December 14th – 18th, 2020

Due to mandatory advanced reservations and capacity restrictions in place for most ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe Basin this winter, you may want to hit the backcountry to ski, snowshoe or sled. Before heading into these remote wintery conditions, keep these insider tips in mind to help you be safe when you’re out.

  • The backcountry is dangerous. Understand that help is far away and your safety is ultimately up to you.
  • There’s essential equipment you need and must know how to use before going into the backcountry.
  • Learn how avalanches happen and how to avoid them.
  • Understand your local avalanche forecast to help guide your decision-making in the backcountry.
  • Learn about avalanche terrain to maximize your riding while minimizing your exposure to danger.
South Lake Tahoe
Sierra Safely

We’re ready to welcome you back to Tahoe South and Carson Valley—back to adventure, connection, celebration and relaxation. When you return, please adhere to these guidelines for safe travel.

Travel Safely, Adventure Greatly in Carson Valley and South Lake Tahoe


When you come to the Sierra Nevada, we want you to have fun and enjoy everything the area has to offer—the beauty of the lake and valley, the outdoor adventure, the sunny relaxation, the Wild West hospitality and the unparalleled wide-open spaces. We also hope you’ll travel safely, respectfully and responsibly, and pack out what you pack in—just like a local. We happily welcome you and have taken action to ensure your recreational activities are safe. Now, we ask that you do your part. Please Sierra, Safely.

Know Before You Go:

  • Get outside. Get Grimy. Get after it! Then wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often.
  • Go the social distance by keeping 6 feet apart from other people.
  • You’re used to wearing a ski mask. Keep it up and wear a mask in all public spaces.
  • Be your best self by respecting signage at restaurants, bars and businesses.
  • Keep our wildlife wild by disposing of trash and driving cautiously.
  • Explore out outdoor playground. Take only photos. Leave only footprints.

Northwestern Nevada Ski Season 2020-2021


North and South Lake Tahoe are excited to welcome back all winter sports adventure seekers for the 2020-2021 ski season! Before you head our way for your North and South Lake Tahoe winter getaway, familiarize yourself with all local safety procedures. And remember, “Don’t be the reason to lose the season.”

Know Before You Go:

  • Wearing masks when visiting North Lake Tahoe is required.  It has been mandated by both California and Nevada.
  • Advance reservations will be required for single ticket sales at almost all resorts. At some resorts, food and parking will also be arranged by advanced reservations only.
  • California has a 25% capacity on all in-person dining, which includes ski resort lodges. Limited food service will be available at most California and Nevada resorts; congregating in and around the lodges will be restricted for the 2020-2021 season.
  • Most resorts will not offer group lessons for the 2020-2021 season


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