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What to know before you go adventuring in the Silver State

Nevada’s huge. More than 80% of it is pretty much unfenced, totally wild, and—most importantly—public, waiting to bring your wildest get-outside dreams to life. Whether you’re highway road-trippin’ or lookin’ to dip a tire or two into some Nevada backroad action, get the scoop on how to explore the Silver State safely, as well as responsibly, to ensure Nevada’s sacred spaces remain pristine and special for generations to come. 

In love with the Silver State as much as we are? Get the lowdown on how you can do your part to protect the places we love, and move the Nevada story forward for good.

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Navigate Nevada Like A Dusty Ol’ Pro

When it comes to outdoor recreational desires, Nevada is simply unbeatable. More than 80% of Nevada is public land—the highest percentage in the continental U.S.—beckoning outdoor adventurers of every stripe with thousands of miles of trails, hundreds of hot springs, and more ghost towns than “living towns”—all beneath the brightest stars in the darkest skies in the Lower 48. 

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Get in the Know on Nevada Hot Springing Etiquette

Nevada is all about open-road adventures, but please brush up on travel restrictions and safety guidelines before heading to our horizons.

However, before you come chasing Nevada’s pure, unspoiled horizons, read up on state rules and regs, responsible outdoor etiquette, and pro-status stewardship tips, so you can explore the Silver State safely while doing your part to keep it pristine for the long haul.

Nevada Travel Restrictions

Know Before You Go

  • Stay on All Trails, Tracks, and Roads. We’ve got plenty; don’t blaze your own.
  • Know Where You’re Headed. With so many unfenced landscapes, everything can feel like it’s limitlessly yours. But remember, whatever land you’re on—whether it’s private or public—it’s owned and managed by a person or agency. Respect all posted No Trespassing signs and leave gates the same way you found them.
  • Tread Lightly! Whether you’re off-roading, hunting, target shooting, fishing, or simply exploring our backcountry, make sure you’re operating motorized vehicles legally, safely, and responsibly. Brush up on designated OHV routes before you head out into Nevada backroads.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

Finders does NOT mean keepers. Whether it’s a ghost town mining relic, arrowhead, or any other kind of artifact, whether it looks historical to you or not, it’s a vital piece of the Silver State story. Take all the photos you’d like, but leave every object, however big or small, exactly where you found it for others to discover. Taking—AKA stealing—artifacts is not only extremely uncool, it’s also illegal.

Got fishing, hiking or hot spring hunting on the brain? More than 80% of Nevada is public land—the highest percentage among all states. Meaning this land is literally your land. Be sure to navigate it safely and responsibly while you’re out here.

  • Leave No Trace. Familiarize yourself with the “Seven Principles” of LNT outdoor ethics. At the very least, always travel with extra garbage bags so you can pack out all your own—and anyone else’s—trash. Leave every place better than you found it.
  • Watch for Wildlife. Beyond the asphalt, Nevada’s diverse fauna ranges from rabbits to rattlesnakes, burros to bighorns, reptiles to rare birds, cattle to coyotes, pronghorn aplenty, more wild horses than anywhere else, and an abundance in between. If you’re going so fast that you miss them—or worse, that you can’t when you need to—then you’re going too fast. 

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

Feeding wildlife of any kind is not only extremely uncool, it’s also illegal. Human food is not healthy for wild animals, and they do not need food from humans to survive. Wild animals have specialized diets, and they can become malnourished or die if fed or become dependent on human food. Don’t do it!
Nevada travel restrictions

Play It Safe

  • Venturing off the pavement? Brush up on Nevada’s Dirt Road Code for driving tips, responsible practices, and packing list suggestions for crucial gear and supplies.
  • Bring more water and food than you think you’ll need.
  • Carry a full-size spare tire and tire patch/plug kit—and know how to use it before you need to!
  • Be sure to check all current fire restrictions—local guidelines vary on everything from campfires to personal stoves—then crank up the heat on your group’s fire safety practices. Fire season hits Nevada harder than ever these days, with catastrophic blazes started by campfire embers, vehicle undercarriages, hot bullet casings, and much more. Arm yourself with the info you need to keep things cool.
  • Nevada’s night skies are some of the darkest in the Lower 48. Before you deck out your camp with twinkle lights and light saber-style flashlights with enough lumens to land a jumbo jet, remember you may be blowing out a fellow camper’s night vision, and otherwise prime stargazing conditions. Help protect this disappearing, sacred natural resource by lighting your camp mindfully.
  • Above all, use common sense. Just like back in kindergarten, if you feel like you’re doing something wrong, you probably are.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

Don’t count on your phone to bail you out of a jam! Nevada’s wild places are some of the country’s most remote—which is one of the reasons we love them! However, that also means they’re often way out of cell service and, thus, far from help. Do your damndest not to need it in the first place.

Buckle Up

What to Know about Driving in Nevada

Whether you want to unearth graveyard tales in ghost towns, treat yourself to mineral baths in hot springs, or cruise from the Valley of Fire State Park to Great Basin National Park, chances are, we’ve got a #NVRoadTrip with your name all over it.

Nevada teems with bucket-listable destinations. But the best road trips are all about the journey where your Silver State stories come to life. So hit one of our scenic byways and feel free to roam. However, there are a few need-to-know tips and tricks for keeping your wheels turning and the adventure unfurling.


Driving in Nevada

Before you buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime, better brush up on a few basics, both on and off the pavement. From navigating wintry roads to braking for the occasional cow, Nevada highways are untamed, unforgettable, and unlike any other state’s.


Cell Service

In some of the more off-grid slices of Silver State sanctuary, cell signals are scattered at best. Map out your #NVRoadTrip with gas stations, meal breaks, and night stops. And always tell someone where you’re headed and when you plan to return.



Nevada is a land of extremes. Plan for glorious changes in weather, climate, and terrain as you explore our vast state. Pack clothes for both warm and cold temps in any season, and don’t forget your swimsuit. Because you never know what Nevada will do next.


Travel Guides

Order or download our Official Nevada Visitor’s Guide and get your hands on events, things to do, and even more road trip ideas. You’ll find page after page of surprising scenery, intriguing attractions, and endless inspiration for your Nevada adventure.

With 48 million acres of space to be your rad self, Nevada is packed with let’s-see-what-happens adventure around every corner. Flex those freedom muscles and find your own Silver State surprises in some of our favorite locales.


Don’t be a geo-bag! You earned your Nevada backroads stripes, which constitutes a kickass Nevada adventure worth talking about. By all means, post the shot—you’ve earned it!—but please don’t make the ultimate faux pas by geotagging sensitive, secluded, under-the-radar-for-a-reason locations. Around here, we take our sacred secrets seriously. And for all you know, your new fave spot is already someone else’s. These slices of the Silver State are extra special—let’s do our part to keep ’em that way.

Watch out for those marmots. 👀🐾⚠️
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Here's 10 ways to minimize your risk of getting dehydrated, sunburned, or snowblind while hiking the Nevada Trail section of the Hot Springs Trail.

✅ Leave each water source already hydrated. 

💧Carry more water than you think you'll need.

🕗 Hike during the morning and evening hours to avoid the midday sun.

😎 Bring sunglasses to reduce glare and light levels. 

☂️ Have a sunbrella or a brimmed hat plus long sleeves and pants.

☁️ Take advantage of cloud shade when it happens.

🔥 During alpine sections, have a stove or a strategy to melt snow for bonus or essential drinking water.

👉 Bring a bandana to protect your neck from sunburn, your face from windburn, or to use as an emergency filter for removing sediment - prolonging the life of your water filter.

🧘‍♂️ To preserve precious moisture, travel at a pace that's below your threshold of sweating or breathing heavy.

🏠 Stay home.

Okay, since this last one's not really an option, how about mailing a resupply package ahead of time (especially to Silver Peak), placing a cache in advance (not recommended due to possible tampering or problems relocating it), or having someone meet you out there (recommended for utmost fun and safety)?

Here's a few images of these recommendations hard at work during my first journey across Nevada, in 2012.

If you're thinking about exploring the Hot Springs Trail, and especially the Nevada Trail section of it, stay tuned for new posts with revealing images from the trail plus tips from my own travels along it.

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Rad weekend camping out in Valley of Fire exploring NV’s oldest state park ⛺️
Ever filed a Float Plan? It's easy & a great idea. Before heading out, let a friend or family member know your plans. Complete a Float Plan online & have it automatically emailed to those you want to know about your paddling adventure! It's as simple as that!⁣
Click 👉 our Smart.bio link & file your Float Plan under the Safety menu on our website.⁣
Fins and Fissures: More of Mother Nature’s landscape Art in the deserts of the Southwest. The rock formations in this area are extremely fragile and susceptible to vandalism. If you are even in a location like this please tread carefully and lightly and do not touch anything. These areas are feasts for the eyes so please have respect and preserve them. Single exposure.
While we love the beauty of this photo, we’re heartbroken over the wildfires that contributed the smoky skies. Whether you’re enjoying Nevada’s wide open spaces or any around the world, now is a good time to highlight the importance of fire safety. Not every wildfire can be prevented, but everyone can play a part in minimizing the chances of them. 💯
✅ When camping, check on local fire restrictions (there’s currently a statewide ban on campfires, explosives, and other open-flame or spark-emitting devices and activities on Nevada public lands).
✅ Properly extinguish and trash cigarettes and other smoking materials, and NEVER throw them out from a vehicle.
✅ Be aware that hot bullet casings from target shooting and even parking vehicles over dried vegetation can start fires.
🔥 Follow @blm_nevada and @nevdcnr for more fire safety guidelines.
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Happy Monday! We want to remind everyone to be extra cautious on roadways as we head into the winter season. A lot of wildlife is active at dawn and dusk, so with dusk being earlier this time of year, humans are more active during the same time as our wildlife, leading to more conflicts. It’s always important to do the following while driving:

-Slow down! Make sure you are following the posted speed limits.
-Look for traffic signs. NDOT and NDOW have placed animal crossing signs near our roads, these are placed in locations where many animals cross so it is important to be especially vigilant in these areas.
-Be alert, make sure you are paying attention to the road especially during dawn and dusk.
-Scan ahead and make sure you are aware of any animals along the sides of the road. Slow down if you see any animals on the side of the road, if there is one, there is likely more.
-Give warning to other drivers and the animals. Honk your horn, slow down, flash headlights to give warning.
-Make sure everyone in your car is wearing their seatbelt, not only will it protect you, but it’s also the law.
With your help we can help keep the roadways safe for everyone!
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Love when we get to hang out with friends with the same schedule as us, meaning weekdays and for whole weeks at a time. Multi-day dirt bike camp out in the Nevada desert with the_poacher with great riding and epic sunsets.
Still fully convinced 2020 is the year of no fun but doing my damndest to prove this dirty SOB wrong 🔥 #NevadaSpeaks