Prescriptions counter inside Rexall Drug in Mcgill

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exterior of McGill Drug museum

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

School uniforms and artifacts inside McGill Drugstore

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Shampoo bottles inside Rexall Drugstore

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Handwritten prescriptions at McGill

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Rexall shelves with dated products at McGill

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soda fountain inside McGill drugstore museum

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

McGill Drugstore Museum

11 Fourth St.
McGill, NV 89318

(775) 235-7082

One of the most nostalgic experiences in Nevada can be found at the Rexall Drugstore Museum in the cozy community just 12 miles north of Ely. Stepping over that threshold, visitors are greeted by an authentic small-town drugstore that has been completely frozen in time since it ran under the direction of Gerald, the resident pharmacist in the 1970s. From this point, very little inventory was sold, and by the mid 1980s, the store was closed permanently. When visiting the charming McGrill drugstore, you’ll be greeted by Dan-the charismatic caretaker-who’ll give you a personalized and extensive journey through the fascinating history of this once booming community.

Instead of a traditional museum, peruse the aisles and take a peek at the shelves, just as the customers did many years ago. Lined with faded products dating back to the 1950s, from the once popular Dippity-do styling gel to the Ipana toothpaste.

In its heyday, the McGill Drugstore sold its customers not only manufactured drugs, but also a variety of home remedies and prescriptions that were mixed right in the store. Today, visitors will find products from the 1950s, as well as many of the original invoice records, dating back to 1915, which are considered to be invaluable research materials.

Other interesting artifacts and relics to browse through include the marching band uniforms from both of the White Pine County grade and high schools, as well as yearbooks dating back to the 1940s. Best of all, the McGill Drugstore claims one of a mere three working soda fountains in White Pine County. Although the original fountain was destroyed in a 1930 fire, it has since been rebuilt and currently features a distinctive terracotta tile bar.

The McGill Drugstore is a free, public museum dedicated to preserving the era of small town soda fountains, drugstores and pharmacies. For now, the store is open for private tours upon request. A delightful time capsule, the McGill Drugstore is no-brainer when touring the interesting White Pine County!

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