Driving on Highway 50

Getting to Nevada

How do people get around in Nevada?

Whether you’re cruising across our border from a neighboring state or are an international traveler visiting the United States for the first time, we’ll make getting to Nevada easy. You probably know all about Las Vegas, but beyond this international icon of a city, what’s in Nevada? Hundreds of pristine mountain ranges, untouched rivers and streams, national monuments and recreation areas, and other equally—if not more—spectacular destinations beyond the Strip. Book those flights to Nevada, then plan a drive from Reno or Las Vegas to some uniquely Nevadan locales worth writing home about. Before planning your trip to and around Nevada, wrap your head around the real distance in miles between cities, get a proper read on public transit in Nevada, make sure you’ve got your Google Maps dialed in, and become a pro with some good old fashioned safety tips that are sure to make your time in Nevada better all the way around.

  • Navigating Nevada Cities & Towns
  • Domestic & International Flights to Nevada
  • Safety Tips
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Plan a Drive to Nevada


Nevada is the Road Trip Capital of the USA. A bold wager? You bet. But with all of our surprising scenery, intriguing towns, oddball attractions, outdoor freedom, endless let’s-see-what-happens-adventure ops, and miles of all to yourself roads between it all, the odds are definitely in our—and your—favor.

With a vast network of open roads and breathtaking scenic byways, there’s no better way to plan a drive and explore Nevada than by car. But this is not your average road trip—Nevada road trips are a step above, you’ve just gotta know how to navigate. Fuel stations, restrooms and even access to water can be far between, and make sure you’ve got the proper lowdown on road conditions before you go. Pack extra supplies and don’t forget the chains come winter.

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Flights to Nevada

International and Regional Flights to the Silver State

Flying to the Silver State? That probably means that, depending on where you’re headed and what kind of adventures you’re lookin’ to get into, you’ll land in either Reno (in the north) or Las Vegas (in the south)—remember, the distance in miles between the two is more than many think: 450. Maybe you’re after world-class skiing, natural hot springs, or rich heritage and history that tells the Nevada story. If so, plan to arrive in Reno, Nevada, and use it as your basecamp for northern Nevada access. For both international visitors to the United States and domestic travelers, flying into Las Vegas, Nevada, lands you right in the middle of all the world-renowned cuisine, shows, and excitement of the entertainment capital of the world, and provides an easy jumping-off point for some of the United States’ most celebrated national parks and southwestern destinations.

International Flights in Nevada

Welcome to the USA! Being a stranger in a strange land can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also come with a wide range of different situations that confront you as soon as you step off the plane. Whether you’re landing at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, or McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, there are a few basic tips for navigating U.S. Customs and regional culture that will help keep your adventures trouble-free. 

Regional Flights in Nevada

You made it! Want to experience the flavor of both northern and southern Nevada, but don’t have time for a road trip? No problem.

You can fly between Las Vegas and Reno daily, a trip that barely takes an hour. If you’re looking to fly into Elko, in Nevada’s northeastern corner, you’ll likely need to route your trip through Salt Lake City and then grab a hopper with some mining execs and maybe a ranch tycoon or two.

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Bussin’ All Around Nevada

Once you arrive in Nevada, there are many travel options to get you in a straight-line distance from A to B. If you’re leaving the metro on one of our ten Nevada road trips, you’ll want to rent a car and some freedom (check out our Road Trips page to plan Nevada adventures you’ll remember forever). If you’re staying in Reno, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, or Las Vegas, other travel options around town include local bus systems; in Las Vegas, you also have the monorail, connecting McCarran International Airport with Strip casino-resorts, as well as The Deuce, a double-decker bus uniting Downtown Las Vegas and The Strip. That said, no matter where you are, there’s nowhere you can’t get in an Uber, Lyft, or good old taxi. 

Greyhound and Megabus

Another easy and affordable way to get to Reno or Las Vegas from out-of-state is in a classic motorcoach. Greyhound services Nevada’s two metros from virtually anywhere in the country, while Megabus—a newcomer with such amenities as free wi-fi, power outlets, and extra legroom—makes regular trips between Las

Vegas and the greater Los Angeles area. You never know what you’ll see or whom you’ll meet on public transit in Nevada, but you’re bound to arrive with a great story or two.


Railroads played a major role in the development of the Silver State, both in building up Nevada’s industry, as well as by bringing tourists to experience the state’s famous world-class entertainment. Visitors to the north can still tour Nevada by train along Amtrak’s California Zephyr route, which rolls from the San Francisco Bay Area to Reno, Winnemucca, and Elko before pushing all the way to Chicago—a historic rail route that follows the path of the Transcontinental Railroad, completed in 1869. If you’re hoping to arrive in Nevada with your pet or bicycle—but without your car—the train beats all other travel options.  

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Safe Travel in NV

From wildlife to wide-open roads, you never know what you’ll find in this awesomely uncanny state. And while spontaneity makes for the best kind of adventures, here are a few things that will help prepare you, not only for safe travel in NV, but for the most awe-inspiring and unforgettable road trip experience you may ever have.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

You can’t always rely on cell service in the backroads of Nevada, so be sure to bring a map or atlas on your travels!
  • Roads are long and wide and open. That’s part of the fun. But make sure you’re awake enough to enjoy it—and keep enjoying it, until you reach your destination.
  • Tank up for the same reason. Signs that say “NEXT SERVICES 100 MILES” are normal ‘round here (and also make for great photo ops). Be sure to tank up when you have the chance, or carry extra fuel, if you expect to be in the backcountry for extended periods.
  • You’re out here, man. Don’t count on cell service in the backcountry, or even on every paved road or highway. Google Maps does work without signal (if you pull up the area you’re looking for before you leave service behind), but don’t rely on it. Bring a map or atlas, know where you are, and know how to find where you’re going.
  • Stock up! Snacks and water are life-sustaining forces on road trips—sometimes literally. Bring plenty and always have extras, just in case of emergency. Being hangry never helps anyone
  • Rock that playlist. Again, service can be patchy, so you won’t be streaming down the highway all day. Download some rippin’ tracks and albums before you cross our border so you can blast them—music up, windows down, baby!

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International Travelers

First time in Nevada and the U.S.? We’ve got you covered with information you’ll need to safely navigate this part of the world—ranging from required licensing and identification for driving in Nevada to currency information and languages you can expect to encounter while you’re here.


It’s a good idea to exchange some money for U.S. dollars at home before you arrive. But you can always exchange currency at McCarran International Airport as well as many casinos throughout the state. Although, using a credit card for purchases and debit card for cash withdrawal will likely offer the best rates and convenience.


English is the official language of Nevada. Spanish is also widely spoken in Nevada, and like much of the southwest, Nevada is heavily influenced by the language, Hispanic culture, and history under Spanish and Mexican rule. Tagalog is also spoken among Filipino populations.

Driving in Nevada & Identification

Nevada honors licenses and permits issued by the appropriate government agency of foreign countries and an international driver license is not required for foreign visitors. Just make sure you buckle up and stay on the right side of the road.

Carry some form of identification with you at all times, since you will need to verify your age (that you’re over 21) if you plan on gaming, drinking or entering nightclubs as well as when paying with credit cards or travelers checks. Also, make a copy of your passport to keep with you during the trip in case yours is lost or stolen.


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#67: Valley of Fire State Park, NV
We took a “rest day” exploring the colorful, petroglyph-covered rock formations of Valley of Fire. Starting to get seriously obsessed with the red and green hues out here!
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Come train or shine ⁣
All aboard the hot mess express, let’s hike this railroad trail near Las Vegas 🚂🛤️🥾⁣
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Trail name: Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail⁣
Location: Boulder City, Nevada⁣
Distance: 8.2 miles out-and-back (or as far as you want to go)⁣
Difficulty: Easy⁣
Includes: ⁣
- 5 railroad tunnels, roughly 300 ft by 25 ft in diameter ⁣
- Panoramic views of Lake Mead, Boulder Basin, and Hoover Dam, with the South Virgin Mountains rising up in the distance ⁣
Fun fact: After the Hoover Dam was completed in 1935, the railroad ceased operation. In 1962 the tracks were removed, and the trail opened in 1995. ⁣
The best place to begin your trek is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area Alan Bible Visitor Center trailhead. This is also a shared trailhead for the River Mountains Loop Trail.⁣
👉🏼 Tag a friend you’d do this railroad trail with!⁣
⚠️ Help preserve nature’s beauty by packing out all trash (even food scraps), never carve or graffitii on rocks, and stay on designated trails. Visit lnt.org for more info.⁣
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Visited the coolest bar I've ever seen in Nevada, the Pioneer Saloon over 100 years old and been in hundreds of movies and video games #PioneerSaloon #SaloonBar #Bar #Nevada #Western #Movies #Goodsprings #Fallout #NewVegas #Bikers #Route66 #HarleyDavidson #RoadTrip #USA #America #Country
Teresa Lake, Great Basin national park.
This lovely alpine lake can be accessed by a short hike from the Alpine lakes trailhead. The lake, also referred to as a tarn, is surrounded by a grove of pine trees. The iconic Wheeler peak towers over the lake in this scene. The greenish tinge in the sky is from airglow.
The photo is a blend of the foreground shot at blue hour and the sky shot later in the night, from a different location in the park. The foreground is a stack of five photos, each shot at 24mm, f/8.0, ISO800, 6 second exposure. The sky was shot at 24 mm, f/2.8, ISO1250, 180 second exposure, tracked. Ten photos stacked.
Look at how red those colors are!
It's raining stars in the desert. 🌌
• Sony A7iii + Laowa 15mm F2.0
• 15mm, F2.0, 170x30s, ISO 2000
Valley of Fire, Nevada 
December 2018
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“You are going to get where you need to be when you are meant to be there. You are going to be guided by endless light, even in the middle of nowhere” Photo of nomadicfare by travelfreak✨words by morganharpernichols
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