Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Situated along Nevada’s western edge near the California state line, soak in pure serenity at Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs. Just east of the ranching community of Dyer about an hour west of Tonopah, this off-the-beaten-path corner of Nevada promises stunning vistas (and nearby trail access) to Boundary Peak—Nevada’s tallest—along with unbelievable stargazing and wildlife viewing.

This free, wild soak on the western edge of central Nevada promises views of the ruggedly beautiful White Mountains—including 13,147-foot Boundary Peak—along with unbeatable wildlife viewing, access to Nevada ghost towns, and some of the darkest skies in the country.

Visiting Fish Lake Valley, Nevada Today

Situated in, and managed by Esmeralda County, Fish Lake Valley Hot Spring, sometimes called Fish Lake Valley Hot Well,  is located about 20 minutes from Dyer, NV along a county-maintained dirt road, or a little more than an hour from Tonopah via dirt and gravel mining roads. This county-managed hot spring is free and open to the public with a large parking area, primitive campsites, and vault toilet. The large, heavy-duty, below-ground concrete tub boasts impressive flow from the nearby source, with its outflow trickling into huge natural ponds surrounded by marshy vegetation that host an abundance of wildlife, including, as the name implies, plenty of fish. The temperature of the tub hovers around 105 degrees, depending on outside temperatures and seasons.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

Try and time your trip to Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs during or close to a new moon. Though stargazing in Nevada always promises quite a show, completely dark, clear nights in Fish Lake Valley are next level, as thousands of stars, planets, constellations, and the Milky Way galaxy are all visible to the naked eye.

Camping and Wildlife near Dyer Lake

This beautiful marsh also promises excellent birding and wildlife spotting opportunities. Despite its name, actual Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs fishing is fairly restrictive, due to being a sensitive region and prime habitat for the critically endangered Fish Lake Valley tui chub. Keep your eyes peeled for large schools of goldfish found within the warm ponds year-round. Because this natural oasis is found in the middle of high-desert landscape without other water sources for miles, an abundance of wildlife is drawn to the spring as a watering hole.

The Fish Lake Hot Springs are a free public resource. Before you hit the road, brush up on our Hot Spring Etiquette Guide and be sure to avoid camping within 100 feet of the hot spring. Be respectful of the local wildlife residents, too, and leave them plenty of space. 


Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs is open to the public year-round.


There is no admission fee to visit Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs.

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