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The living ghost town of Gold Point may not exist today if it weren’t for Las Vegas wallpaper hanger Herb Robbins, who with partner Walt Kremin, owns most of the town’s buildings. Dating all the way back to the 1860s, visitors to the area will be enamored with the authentic mining history in the hills surrounding Gold Point. It may be difficult to imagine, but Gold Point was once a bustling silver mining camp, comprised of 125 dwellings, a post office, bakery, hotels, cafes a store and numerous saloons.

Herb and his friend Chuck Kremin came across Gold point in the late 1970s, and while only a few hardy residents remained, dozens of deteriorating wooden edifices peppered the original main street. The opportunity to purchase some of these buildings presented itself, and Herb and Chuck sprung into action, each purchasing one. In 1981, Chuck’s brother Walt joined them in purchasing the Post Office, General Store, and the home of Senator Harry Wiley, which was complete with original furnishings.

Interestingly, Herb hit a mega-jackpot in Las Vegas, which enabled him to purchase most of the historical structures you can see and visit today. Soon after hitting it big in Vegas, Herb and Walt bought all of the buildings that came available and have lovingly restored them since. Community members and friends of Walt and Herb banded together to repair roofs and overhauling the interiors, but were very careful to leave the weather-beaten historical exteriors intact. On weekends, Herb assumes the role of Sheriff Stone [he’s also the fire chief,] and opens restored miners’ cabins to paying guests. Travel Nevada protip: be sure to ask to see the saloon. Inside, visitors will find an old west saloon that’s almost too picture perfect to pony up to.

Visiting the area is undoubtedly fascinating, but what if we could tell you that you can spend the night in this allegedly haunted mining camp? It’s true, visitors wanting to up the ante can spend a night at the Gold Point B&B in an original miner cabin. These abodes have been gone through a thoughtful historic restoration by Herb himself. Although keeping history intact was the main priority, most of the cabins are equipped with free WiFi and include a TV-VCR combo. Herb can open up the saloon for a frosty libation out of a bar that truly looks like an unstaged movie set—an experience you’ll want to make top priority when visiting Gold Point. Breakfast is included, but guests can request dinner that Herb and his partner Sandy whip up themselves…and we highly recommend that you do. Breakfast may include pancakes from a 100-year-old sourdough starter, followed by a personal tour of the town. Afterward, listen to Herb spin a yarn while taking a look at what we can almost guarantee will be the largest photo album you’ve ever thumbed through.

Gold Point caters to large groups, who can stay in a historical mining cabin, or camp adjacent to the Bed and Breakfast at the RV park. All proceeds go to restoration, and the main fundraiser on Memorial Day weekend offers live entertainment, breakfast, and dinner.


Gold Point is approximately 296 miles south of Reno and 175 miles north of Las Vegas off U.S. 95. From U.S. 95, take State Route 266 westbound and follow for about 7.2 miles until making a slight left onto State Route 774. Travel about 7.4 miles on this road, which will bring you right into the heart of Gold Point. Keep an eye out for three red fire engines on the left side of the main street, this is the entrance to Gold point B&B.

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