Marzen House Museum

The charming community of Lovelock is home to an array of small-town wonders and historical sites, and one that should be at the top of your must-see list is the Marzen House Museum. The history doesn’t stop with the fascinating mementos inside, as the building itself is a piece of Silver State history. Originally constructed in 1875 as the showplace home of a wealthy local rancher by the name of Colonel Joseph Marzen, visitors can enjoy the fully restored building and be pleasantly surprised with the wonderful collection of artifacts from Lovelock’s early days. The home was originally erected on the Big Meadows Ranch, located just 1.5 miles south of its present location.

Dedicated to preserving relics and artifacts that tell the story of the northwestern Nevada region, discover a world of history at the Marzen House Museum in downtown Lovelock.

One of the Marzen House Museum’s most interesting displays centers on the legendary Lovelock Cave, considered one of the most important sites of North American archaeology. If you want to drive the Lovelock Cave Backcountry Byway, pick up a free brochure inside the museum, which is also the starting point of the route.

Additional Marzen House Museum exhibits include artifacts dating back to the region’s earliest American Indian inhabitants, antiquities from pioneer homes, and a feature on the Emigrant Trail. Personal items from the town’s most famous person—silent movie actress and former Lovelock resident Edna Purviance—are on display as well. Antique mining equipment, including several large-scale pieces, can also be found on the museum grounds.

Marzen House Museum’s Haunted History

Ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts might recognize the Marzen House Museum from Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” Several spirits have made their presence known at the museum, including “Amelia,” who is believed to be the daughter of Joseph Marzen. Many Lovelock residents have also reported seeing a woman upstairs looking out the window, and museum visitors have heard a little boy yell for “Momma” as well.

The most active Marzen House spirit is lovingly called “Baby Girl.” She is routinely known to play with flashlights and electronics—and if she feels she isn’t getting enough attention, she’ll turn off computers. Museum staff has gone as far as bringing an extra cell phone to work for Baby Girl to play with so she doesn’t drain actual cell phone battery!

The Marzen House Museum offers evening ghost tours for $20 per person, with dates available on the museum’s Facebook page. Ghost activity happens during the daytime, too, and personal tours can be arranged with a donation to the Marzen House Museum.


The Marzen House Museum is open from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and closed Sunday and Monday.

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