horse at mustang monument eco resort & preserve

Mustang Monument is a ranch with serious style, where philanthropic tourism meets luxury wilderness adventure. Surrounded by the wide horizons and soul soothing open spaces of Nevada, the resort offers 360 degree luxury experience and an unforgettable wildlife adventure. The reserve covers 900 square miles of mountainous and gloriously scenic private land just two hours from Salt Lake City, Utah where Madeleine Pickens runs her foundation “Saving America’s Mustangs”.

The eco resort is home to 600 descendants of the wild horses that helped pioneers settle the untamed west. Now, guests to the ranch are not only offered the sole opportunity in the States to see Mustang horses in their natural habitat, but cocooned in a degree of luxury undreamt of by those early settlers. The resort has 10 unique hand painted tipis for the more adventurous, or alternatively 10 decadent cottages where guests can recharge after a busy day of activities. Rates are inclusive of meals, soft drinks and specially selected beer and wines, a variety of activities and accommodation. Rates do not include local taxes.

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Northern Nevada, Nevada




Northern Nevada