Turnt Up Tours was founded and is currently owned by three partners whom have a combined nightlife experience of over 12 years. Together they found a niche where they could take advantage of their nightlife networks and provide the wildest parties, which any Vegas visitor could experience and benefit from. Turnt Up Tours was formed to bring together various partiers from all over the world into one tour where new relationships can be made to cultivate memories that will last forever.

Turnt Up Tours takes requests from our guests to determine the most popular clubs for our customers for that specific weekend. We try to accommodate as much as possible while also maintaining routine business operations. We also take drink requests for birthdays and special celebrations to make every occasion as special as possible. Champagne is constantly popped on the party bus and the occasional blend of favorite liquors and juices is always a possibility. Turnt Up Tours also offers free gear for those strong survivors who make it all the way through to the end of the tour.

Turnt Up Tours operates every Friday and Saturday, beginning at 9:30 PM and ending at 1:30 AM. We have a large variety of nightclubs that we select from to determine our line-up for the weekend. Venues are determined every Monday night and listed on our website for the following week. Email confirmations are sent to all of our guests with the itinerary for the night they are registered.

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Southern Nevada, Nevada


Las Vegas


Southern Nevada