“Remember no matter what you think of this road, the price is right” may be a sentiment you pass when entering Guru Road, but this #WeirdNevada spot is one of our favs, and definitely think anyone who visits will think so, too. Situated on the Burner Byway overlooking a spectacular southern portion of the Black Rock Desert playa, no trip to Gerlach is complete without a visit to Guru Road. Words of wisdom and hand-carved whimsy line this mile-long road to reflection, along with several larger art pieces including a “weather station”, Aphrodtie, a tribute to Elvis, Ground Zero, Trickle Down Art Show, TV Station, Big Medicine tipi and the far-reaching Desert Broadcast System—all the legacy of Gerlach local, DeWayne “Doobie” Williams, who crafted these totems using local stone and other found objects between 1978 and 1992. To clarify, “Doobie” is the guy’s name, while “Dooby Lane” is the local name for what is “officially” called Guru Road.

Williams was living with cancer when building Guru Road. While some Gerlachans believe building Guru Road was a therapeutic, coping mechanism for Williams, one thing is certain—some of his ideas and thoughts prove he was a bit ahead of his time, philosophically speaking. While some installations are more lighthearted and showcase Williams sense of humor, other powerful inscriptions include grass roots wisdom, making this eccentric stop an interactive rock art experience. After perusing this mile long experience, donned with dozens of sentiments ranging from silly to powerful, one inscription is sure to strike a chord with anyone who visits.

For more information about DeWayne “Doobie” Williams, the history of Guru Road, and broader information about visiting Gerlach and the Black Rock Desert, be sure to contact Friends of Black Rock. Keep your eyes peeled for their shop in downtown Gerlach for an in-person exchange, or dial them directly at (775) 557-2900.


This mile long open-air gallery is just left from Country Road 34, about two miles north of Gerlach. But take this Travel Nevada PRO TIP straight from us to you: try and park near the entrance of the road and walk the entire thing—with so many objects to see and installations to explore, you’ll be glad you did. The entrance is marked with a street sign that says “Guru Road” and a rock etched with “The Wonder Road”, too. Though accessible year round, try to steer clear from driving it if it’s wet, as the road will rut and damage easily.

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