On the Southeast End of Goldfield, Lies the International Car Forest of the Last Church. The Unusual Roadside Curio-Where Vehicles Go to Rest in Pieces, and Get Painted-Is Open 24/7

The term “only in Nevada” gets uttered a lot when it comes to the state’s tourism oddities, but this—surprisingly—is not entirely unique to our country.

In true Nevada fashion, though, the Silver State can claim the largest car forest, at least according to Chad Sorg, president of the Goldfield Chamber of Commerce. “We are the largest roadside attraction of its kind (40 cars erected so far),” says Sorg, who also holds the unofficial title of chief artist at the Car Forest. “Other famous locations include Nebraska's Carhenge (27 cars, I think) and Texas' Cadillac Ranch (10 cars).”

Sorg and Mark Rippie named the attraction last year. International? Because Goldfield gets so many international visitors. Last Church? “Because Mr. Rippie believes that the last church is within us—truly independent and autonomous spirituality,” Sorg says.

Igniting buses—with the volunteer fire department on hand—has become a tradition at the Car Forest. “We burnt a bus on the premises during our End of the World Party, during August's Goldfield Days,” Sorg adds. “100 people visited that day.”, 775-485-3560

Car Forest T-shirts are available at Sorg’s blog,

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