Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway during summer months

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Getting Into the Blank Spot on the Map Along The Rubies Route | Part 1

November 2019
Updated: February 2020


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Getting Into the Blank Spot on the Map Along The Rubies Route | Part 1

The wildness and remoteness of northeastern Nevada truly sets apart. We say that a lot about Nevada, and it’s true. But here—it’s more true. Follow Fil Corbitt and Sydney Martinez on one of the few Travel Nevada road trips where dirt roads are not optional. From Elko to Lamoille, and the Ruby Marshes to Jarbidge Wilderness and beyond, The Rubies Route is perfect for the outdoor adventurer who knows what to do with a blank spot on the map.

Part one of the Rubies Route starts in Elko, at the Northeastern Nevada Museum, before heading down to Lamoille to get a taste of the Ruby Mountains. We catch up with Northeastern Nevada Museum's D’ette Mawson, Ruby Mountain Heli Experience Founder Joe Royer, and local expert outdoorsmen Wade Morgan. #TheRubiesRoute

Like where this is headed? This way to Part 2.


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