Desert Ranch Experience, Mesquite, Nevada

Guided safari tours…an hour outside of Las Vegas? That’s the reality awaiting you at Camel Safari, a 175-acre wildlife park just outside of Mesquite that’s home to a host of exotic animals.

An accredited zoo with a focus on desert animal conservation, Camel Safari’s guided tours will introduce you to sand cats, singing dogs, alpacas, camels (of course), and more.

Accredited by the Zoological Association of America, Camel Safari prides itself on promoting desert animal conservation and education. Animals residing at Camel Safari include dromedary and Bactrian camels, alpacas, sand cats, and New Guinea singing dogs, plus a sloth, porcupine, and llama.

Take a two-hour guided tour—by tram or UTV—and Camel Safari will teach you all about the history of camelids and their unique adaptations. Guests will also join the animal keepers as they visit each of the exotic animals for morning feeding duties, with all questions welcome along the way. And yes, you’ll get to pet some of Camel Safari’s ambassador animals (under professional guidance, of course)!

feeding camels at camel safari nevada
sloth at camel safari near mesquite nevada

Looking for an even more uncommon experience? Add a camel ride to your tour or gather a group for a VIP sunset safari that includes a campfire and s’mores. Group events are also an option for birthdays, weddings, and corporate retreats.

Camel Safari is in Bunkerville, Nevada, roughly 10 miles from Mesquite and 70 miles from Las Vegas. Spring, fall, and winter provide the most ideal temperatures for this outdoor adventure. Roundtrip transportation from Las Vegas may be available for an additional fee per person. Contact Camel Safari for details.


Guided tour tickets are required for experiencing everything Camel Safari has to offer.


Camel Safari has numerous tour packages available. Visit their website or call (800) 836-4036 for the latest pricing information.

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