Louis' Basque Corner food on table

Foodies should not pass up the chance to have a traditional Basque-American meal while visiting the Biggest Little City. Located on East Fourth Street in Downtown Reno, Louis’ Basque Corner has been serving up delicious, authentic Basque food since it opened in 1967. Basque hotels and restaurants like Louis’ served as homes away from home for Basque immigrants who came  to the American West from the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. The food served in Basque restaurants is simple yet hearty, typically served as family style as it is at Louis’ Basque Corner.

The menu at Louis’ includes traditional Basque dishes such as sweetbreads, tongue, oxtails, and tripe, as well as chicken, fish, and of course… steaks. Sides are abundant and include soup of the day, French bread, Basque beans, French fries, dessert, and red wine. Make sure to enjoy a traditional Basque cocktail – the Picon Punch – before your meal for the complete Basque-American experience.

Louis’ Basque Corner has a full bar and recently added a second bar and billiards room above the main dining room. It’s a lively atmosphere with great food and a heavy dose of culture.


It’s a lively atmosphere with great food and a heavy dose of culture. Open daily for dinner, and open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday.

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Northwestern, Nevada