Daydreaming of making a trip to the Silver State but are desperate to see more than just one place? Problem solved, friends. By heading just a few minutes east of Nevada’s Capital City, you can have your cake and eat it too because there just so happens to be an official sovereign nation smack dab in the middle of the state of Nevada: The Republic of Molossia.

Though hard to believe, the Republic of Molossia has quietly been an official, independent, sovereign nation for forty years. The president, Kevin Baugh, and his wife/first lady, declared a micronation right in the heart of Dayton, Nevada all the way back in 1977. The nation is comprised of 6.3 acres otherwise known as Harmony Provence, and is the smallest of the Molossia Territories – yes, there are others. The Protectorate of New Antrim is in Pennsylvania, the Desert Homestead Province is in Southern California, Neptune Deep is in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and even a 49k square mile chunk of the planet Venus are all part of the Republic of Molossia.

The Harmony Province, in Dayton, is where his Excellency President Kevin Baugh and the first lady reside full time. But what officially makes his private property, surrounded by Nevada and the United States, an official republic? An entire infrastructure, like currency, laws, and other official entities. They consider themselves to be a third world nation because they don’t have paved roads, a hospital or airport… but the Republic of Molossia has just about everythign else. The “Government House”, aka the Baugh’s private residence, is the main building, but don’t except to just roll through the main entrance when touring the property. Visitors are required to make an appointment to enter the nation, and go through customs just like anywhere else.  Bring a passport, and participate.

Molossia does not pay taxes, and has its own currency printed ok poker chips. There is an official language, national anthem, bank, railroad, post office and war office too. Hey, there’s even a Republic of Molossia official instrument, which sounds a whole lot like a variation of a kazoo. Same sex marriage has been legal within this independent nation since 2002, and they recognize a slew of official holidays throughout the year, like the Moonpie Festival on September 15th and Kickassia Invasion Victory Day on April 11th.

Can you become a citizen of Molossia? At this time, nope. Full residency is a requirement of citizenship, and the sovereign nation isn’t currently accepting any new residents. BUT, you can certainly visit. To plan you trip to the Republic of Molossia’s Harmony Province, surrounded by the state of Nevada, email the president directly at

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North Central, Nevada




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