Dig into authentic treats at one of the best Mexican restaurants in north central Nevada at Azteca Grill & Bakery. Located in Fallon NV, this quiet agricultural community lies about an hour east of Reno, and with Azteca Grill & Bakery beckoning everyone from locals to visitors off the highway and into this family owned and operated restaurant for their famous tacos, bakery, and “Super Burrito”, there’s no better way to embark upon, or return from your Loneliest Road trip than a visit to Azteca. 

Situated in The Oasis of Nevada about 60 miles east of Reno, fuel your Loneliest Road discoveries with authentic Mexican treats and Fallon’s famous “Super Burrito” at Azteca Grill & Bakery.

A longtime fixture of the Fallon restaurant scene, Azteca is located along US Highway 50 in downtown Fallon. Offering some of the most hearty, authentic Mexican food in the north central Nevada region, Azteca offers everything from fresh baked breads, to breakfast burritos with a cult following, to perfectly spiced savory meats, fresh tacos, and more. For breakfast, dig into the breakfast burrito made with your choice of ham, chorizo, bacon, or sausage, or try the Chilaquiles with a side of house made guacamole or pico de gayo. For lunch and dinner, you can’t go wrong with the Taco Salad, Tamales, or Super Nachos, but the tacos—made mini, regular, or super-sized—and California Super Burrito are the main event. Load ‘em up with juicy carne asada, al pastor, chile verde, pollo, bisteak ranchero, carnitas, make it a combo with rice and beans, and wash it all down with horchata, Dos Equis, or Jarritos and toast to your Loneliest Road adventures.


Azteca Grill & Bakery Fallon is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM. Closed Sunday.

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