The name itself is a challenge to the die-hard mountain biker, and the reality doesn’t disappoint. The Bloody Shins Trail, the first developed in the Winnemucca Mountain Bike Trail System, runs seven to seventeen arduous miles. The trailhead can be found right on the edge of town, which is supremely convenient for residents and visitors alike.

The track is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced grades, all of which are clearly marked, so novice riders shouldn’t be scared off. The surfaces of each loop on the trail are comprised of dirt roads, two tracks and single tracks, and mini cattleguards have been installed, so there’s no need for bikers to open or close gates. The beginner trail starts at an elevation of 4,570 feet and tops out at 4,820 feet after a fairly easy but certainly enjoyable ride. The intermediate 12-mile track rises 1,000 feet and won’t be forgotten quickly. But it’s the advanced loop that will really appeal to the adrenaline junkie. The 17-mile round trip ascends to an elevation of 5,200 feet. On all loops, the views are phenomenal and the rides themselves truly memorable.

Although the Bloody Shins Trail is a mountain biker’s paradise, other non-motorized activities are welcome. Outdoor lovers should feel free to hike or horseback ride across the beautiful terrain. The views of the valley floor and surrounding mountain ranges won’t disappoint and stealthy visitors may be fortunate enough to spot native wildlife. But to experience the Bloody Shins Trail as it was intended, throw on your helmet, get on your bike and get ready to taste a little Nevada dirt.

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Northern Nevada, Nevada




Northern Nevada