From relaxing, scenic walks to hiking more advanced summit peaks, to fast and flowy mountain biking, unbeatable equestrian rides and more, discover the longest trail system in Carson Valley along the Clear Creek Trail System. Created in a partnership with private and tribal land owners, US Forest Service, Douglas County, and a Nature Conservancy Conservation easement, the Clear Creek Trail System, 30 miles of trails make up the Clear Creek Trail System, and is managed by the Carson Valley Trails Association.

Uniting the Clear Creek Trail, Clear Creek Connector, and Jacks Valley Loop, discover the Eastern Sierra Nevada’s spectacular scenery along Carson Valley’s longest and most dynamic trail system.

Made up of three separate trails with many different access points, the Clear Creek Trail System unites the 22-mile Clear Creek Trail (which connects Jacks Valley Road all the way up to Spooner Summit), the 2-mile Clear Creek Connector (which connects Clear Creek Junction to Tahoe Club Drive and Highway 50), and Jacks Valley Road Trailhead (which connects Jacks Valley Road to the James Lee Park in Genoa.) No matter which trail, or section of trail you end up on and whether you decide to hoof it, hike, or ride, the Clear Creek Trail System promises crowdless, well-maintained trails with some of the best high desert mountain scenery in the Silver State. 

Clear Creek Trail System Snapshot

  • Spooner Summit to Clear Creek Connector Trailhead: 8.5 miles with 300 feet elevation gain and 1,600 elevation loss.
  • Spooner Summit to Jacks Valley Road Trailhead: 14.5 miles with 400 foot elevation gain and 2,600 elevation loss.
  • Spooner Summit to James Lee Park Trailhead: 21.7 miles with 600 foot elevation gain and 3,100 elevation loss.
  • Clear Creek Connector Trailhead to Jacks Valley Road Trailhead: 10 miles with 600 feet elevation gain and 1,500 elevation loss.
  • Jacks Valley Road Trailhead to James Lee Park Trailhead: 7.2 miles with 200 feet elevation gain and 600 feet elevation loss.
  • Jacks Valley Loop via Jacks Valley Road Trailhead: 9.7 miles with 400 feet elevation gain and 400 feet elevation loss.
  • Jacks Valley Loop via James Lee Park Trailhead: 8.3 miles with 450 feet elevation gain and 450 feet elevation loss.

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Know Before You Go

The Clear Creek Trail System is a multi-use trail network, enjoyed by outdoorsmen of all kinds. For your own personal safety and the safety of others, please remember to practice trail etiquette when approaching equestrians by stopping and speaking to the rider. Cyclists should watch their speed, particularly around blind corners, and dog owners must keep pets leashed and under control at all times. The Clear Creek Trail System has dependable, year-round water sources. No motor vehicles are permitted, and campfires are never allowed anywhere on or near the trail. Regular vehicle parking can be accessed at the Spooner Summit, Jacks Valley Road, and James Lee Park Trailheads. Equestrians can park and stage at Spooner Summit, and Jacks Valley School Trailheads.


The Clear Creek Trail System is open year round for day use only. For more information on planning your trip to Genoa and Carson Valley, get in touch with Visit Carson Valley directly at (775) 782-8145.


No fees or permits are required to access this Carson Valley Trails Association-made trails system. However, the Clear Creek Trail System travels through and adjacent to private and tribal lands—please respect surrounding landowners by staying on designated trails.

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