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The town of Genoa—the oldest permanent settlement in Nevada—is a quaint community rich in historical charm. The Genoa Historic District (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) is home to beautiful Victorian buildings that house businesses offering unique gifts, tasty take-away meals perfect for picnics at Mormon Station State Historic Park, and—perhaps most famously—the oldest saloon in the Silver State.

Postcard Perfection at the Edge of the Sierra Nevada

Nevada’s First Settlement

Where is Genoa NV, you wonder? This picturesque town is tucked against the spectacular Carson Range of the Sierra Nevada mountains, just 25 minutes over Kingsbury Grade from South Lake Tahoe and about an hour south of Reno, making it a popular après destination for skiers and beach bums. Genoa, Nevada oozes historic charm with its 1850s ambience, cute little shops, fascinating historical institutions, swanky accommodations, and top-notch food and drink offerings.

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History of Genoa, Nevada

Genoa was established in 1851 by Mormon traders. The settlement started attracting newcomers after John Reese and his party built a permanent trading post on what had become the Carson Route of the California Trail, providing critical supplies to exhausted travelers before they crossed the Sierra Nevada mountains. Most of Reese’s men were Mormon, leading to the original name “Mormon Station.” 

When Orson Hyde, an elder in the Mormon Church, was sent to Mormon Station (then located in Utah Territory) to set up a government and define the state line between California and Utah Territory, he renamed Mormon Station. He chose the name “Genoa” in 1855 after the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genoa, Italy, because he felt that the area had a similar vibe. 

Historic Downtown Genoa
Historic Downtown Genoa

Nevada State Parks

Historic Mormon Station
Historic Mormon Station

Nevada State Parks

Be sure to pay homage to local legend Snowshoe Thompson, who carried mail—back and forth, year-round—over the Sierra Nevada between Placerville and Genoa. A statue of Snowshoe Thompson stands in Mormon Station State Historic Park. Famed American writer Mark Twain also spent time in Genoa in his early years, especially at the nearby hot springs, now David Walley’s Resort.

Although a devastating fire in 1910 wiped out some of the town’s original structures, you can still drink in the town’s rich history at the Genoa Courthouse Museum—home to fascinating displays that tell the story of the town, region, and state—or (more literally) at the 1853-established Genoa Bar & Saloon.

Things to Do in Genoa, NV

It’s easy to fill a day here. Shoppers can peruse the wares and collectibles at Dancing Deer. Golfers can play a round at Genoa Lakes Golf Club. Hikers can explore an 800-acre wetland ecosystem at River Fork Ranch Preserve (managed by the Nevada Nature Conservancy, or hit up the Genoa Trail System, where 16 miles of trails delight hikers and mountain bikers—including along the popular Sierra Canyon Trail, which connects to the famed Tahoe Rim Trail. All of these activities are good ways to earn a toast to the day’s adventures with cold drinks—and, occasionally, hot tunes—at Genoa Bar & Saloon.

Genoa Lakes Golf Club
River Fork Ranch
Mormon Station Historic Park
Mormon Station State Historic Park

History buffs enjoy hoofing it around Genoa’s historic buildings—like Genoa Town Hall, Genoa Community Church, and the Genoa Courthouse Museum—and strolling the grounds of Mormon Station Historic Park. The park features a painstaking reconstruction of the 1851 trading post, the original stockade and wagon shed, a museum with pioneer-era artifacts, a beautiful grassy era with picnic tables and grills, and a reservable group pavilion. 

At the end of the day, follow in the wet footprints of centuries worth of passers-through and treat yourself to a soak in one of David Walley’s Resort’s five mineral-rich, hot spring-fed pools — in the same place that Mark Twain once remarked, post-soak, “I now leave without crutch or cane, entirely well, not only relieved from pain but gained in spirit.”

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

While Genoa was named for the Italian city where Christopher Columbus was born, here in Nevada, we pronounce it “Juh-NO-ah.” Don’t ask us how it got that way; we’re just trying to help you avoid sounding like “that guy!”
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David Walley’s Resort

Genoa, Nevada Food & Drink

Let’s start with the star of this show. Established in 1853, the famous Genoa Bar & Saloon has welcomed its fair share of celebrities, actors, musicians, and even presidents throughout its long history. The authentically old-school saloon is adorned, floor-to-ceiling, with original paintings, photos, and fascinating 19th-century ephemera. You can get just about anything you want from the full bar, but their famous Bloody Marys are always a hit—especially if you show up on a day when a live band is rocking out on the open-air patio.

Genoa Country Store
Genoa Country Store
Genoa Bar & Saloon
Genoa Bar & Saloon

The Genoa Country Store has delicious deli sandwiches and locally churned ice cream. Both joints offer great choices for a picnic at Mormon Station State Historic Park. Genoa Station Bar & Grille is a local favorite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while the 1862 Restaurant & Saloon at David Walley’s Resort serves up fancier fare, like filet mignon and prime rib, along with plenty of hearty burgers and sandwiches.

Places to Stay in Genoa

If you’re looking to make a night of it, Genoa NV’s lodging options don’t disappoint. The Genoa Country Inn, situated in the heart of town, has 11 rooms and is a popular weekend getaway destination even for locals. About a block away, the White House Inn Genoa is a relaxing country home with four unique rooms and a resident herd of deer who seem to love posing for pics. 

Meanwhile, just a few minutes south, David Walley’s Resort is an upscale retreat with studio suites to multi-room cabins, two-bedroom villas, and three-bedroom cottages—all on the same property where you’ll find the hearty 1862 Restaurant & Saloon and, of course, the on-site hot springs and pool facilities. 

Genoa Country Inn
White House Inn Genoa

Genoa, Nevada Events

Swing through in late September for the town of Genoa, Nevada’s biggest bash, the Genoa Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Faire. The event started in 1919 when volunteers got together to raise money for streetlights by selling candy at a dance; the practice continued to pay the electric bills for generations. In 1970 a crafts fair was added, and now the Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Faire draws thousands, closing down the streets for an entire weekend.

Genoa Western Heritage Days
Genoa Western Heritage Days
Genoa Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Faire
Genoa Candy Dance Arts & Crafts Faire

Meanwhile, in January, Eagles & Agriculture celebrates Carson Valley’s rich farming and ranching history, while offering tours to spot bald eagles and other birds of prey who descend on the valley during the winter calving season.

And each April, hundreds of revelers flock to the historic district for three days of cowboy poetry, real-deal western music, and family entertainment during Genoa Western Heritage Days.


Whether you’re clinking cold ones at Nevada’s oldest “thirst parlor,” soaking in historic hot springs, or otherwise living it up in Genoa, tag your snaps with #TravelNevada so we can follow and share your adventure!

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Located just south of Reno in the Carson Valley, and tucked up against the Eastern Sierra Nevada on US 395 in Nevada, historic Genoa is worth even a brief stopover.

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Genoa’s history is one of a kind with many of the original structures and historical features still intact. If you get a chance, I’d highly recommend stopping by.

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Looking for morning views like this? 

David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort in Genoa, Nevada is the answer. 

My favorite hotel in the Carson Valley has one and two bedroom villas, with kitchens, fireplaces and laundry (perfect for a long stay, or a family trip). 

Onsite restaurant, market, bikes, games, pools, hot tubs, and hot springs (at an additional charge). 

Just 15 minutes from Heavenly’s Stagecoach lift, David Walley’s is the perfect winter getaway. 

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Oh, I'll take some please! At the historic Pink House in Genoa, Nevada, in the Carson Valley region, custom charcuterie plates are one of the stars. Well, actually, about anything you eat there will be one big YUM in the tummy. Genoa is a small town just minutes off US Route 395, but offers a great side trip so don't you dare miss it on the road trip you are perhaps planning along the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Under the loving eye of Lois Wray and a cast of highly trained staff, the Pink House offers what may be a selection of gourmet and European goodies not as frequently found in the area. Before or after your visit, take in the sights in historic Genoa. Find out what you can see and do there on a short stopover or for an entire day be reading our story -- link in our profile. travelnevada nvtourism vistgenoanevada thepinkhousegenoa carsonvalleynevada carsonvalleytrailsassociation genoabar mormonstationstatepark. ⁣
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I’m getting into the spirit of the weekend at Genoa Bar & Saloon, Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlor. One step inside this classic Genoa landmark takes you right back to the Old West!

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Love this post! They even teach you how to pronounce Genoa! 😀 Repost • roamaroo The Wild, Wild West ☀️
It figures that an Italian-American gal would find herself in Genoa...Nevada!  It's wild that in less than a half hour from Lake Tahoe, we were in a completely different western world. The charming town of Genoa was a sweet little stop on our road trip around Reno / Tahoe.
👉🏼Genoa, NV is the oldest settlement in Nevada and it it's home to Nevada's oldest THIRST PARLOR, The Genoa Bar and Saloon. Who votes that we rename all bars to
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The beautiful city of Genoa, Nevada charmed me off my feet, chocked full of historical goodness and original architecture. #ad Stepping into this small town felt like stepping into the past.

Genoa was the first settlement in Nevada, founded in 1851 by a group of Mormons from Salt Lake City. It lies directly on what was known as the California Trail and was an important trading post for weary travelers and a sight for sore eyes after an extended journey through the hot, dry

While in Genoa, you can head to Mormon State Park and the Courthouse Museum to learn more about the rich history of this small town. Then you can take a stroll around town, do some shopping and grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants (I recommend The Pink House).

Lastly, finish up your evening at the oldest thirst parlor in Nevada, The Genoa Saloon. Drink outside and soak up the last sun rays of the day, or pull up a stool at the bar and take in all the historical memorabilia. It’ll be an experience you won’t soon forget!


After an exhausting day of hiking around Lake Tahoe we journeyed to Nevada’s oldest thirst parlor for much-needed adult refreshments. The fabled watering hole, Genoa Bar & Saloon, is not so much a dive as it is a relic. Don’t let that make you believe its best days are over. 
Legends from Mark Twain to Johnny Cash & US presidents like Ulysses S. Grant & Teddy Roosevelt have passed through its doors, but the centuries-old bar is still in its prime. The good times continue to roll, evident by a biker couple conducting their annual renewal of vows on top of the historic bar top with an audience of regulars. The top hat wearing, beard sporting gentleman wasted no time reaching up his beautiful bride’s dress & finding her girdle. 
I would understand the temptation owners Willy & Cindy Webb might have wanting to preserve the bars history to the point of ruining it. Luckily, they have not adopted a look, but don’t touch mentality, nor have they locked away its best attributes. Thankfully the bar oozes with authenticity & antiquity. It’s not hard for locals to spot outsiders like myself gawking at artifacts clinging to the walls or dangling from deer antlers like the mega babe of the 70’s Raquel Welch’s leopard print bra. I also made a point to take a deep gaze into their diamond dusted Scottish mirror from 1840 that was transported via covered wagon. If only that mirror could talk... 
Within minutes of our arrival, we were greeted by an old timer. He was so comfortable in his seat that I assumed he owned the place. He didn’t. That’s just how the regulars act. My new buddy was bedecked in a cowboy hat & a sleeveless Tee that proclaimed, “Freedom Isn’t Free”. We pulled up a chair, bought him a few drinks, & got acquainted. 
After a six pack of High Life’s, a game of pool, multiple trips to the jukebox, delightful conversation & witnessing everlasting love, it was time to say goodbye. On that lovely summer day, I got to observe a place that was truly alive & full of stories to prove it. I wait with anticipation for the cold winter evening when I return. The wood stove will be burning & I'll pull up a chair next to another local to harken a few more classic tales.