River Fork Ranch

Get to know Nevada’s wild side through a trail system that runs through unblemished landscapes at the spectacular 800-acre River Fork Ranch Preserve. A lush wetland brimming with wet meadow habitats, a visit to the River Fork Ranch provides an extraordinary access to  the Carson River and a way to get to know the Nevada Nature Conservancy’s important environmental work. With many access points to the trails at River Fork Ranch, get a lay of the land at the Whit Hall Interpretive Center—a platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified learning center—then follow interpretive signs that tells the preserve’s story, underscoring a more sustainable way of life in Carson Valley and beyond. 

Nestled in the heart of the Carson Valley and the historic streets of Genoa, hike, run, or mountain bike a myriad of trails that run through landscapes that have remained wild since Nevada became the Silver State, providing a habitat to Bald Eagles, pond turtles, leopard frogs, monarchs butterflies, and beyond. 

The heart of the Nevada Nature Conservancy’s community outreach and education efforts along the Carson River, find parking at the Whit Hall Interpretive Center, then hit the River Fork Ranch trails. Meadows and wetlands directly surround Whit Hall, with east and west forks of the Carson River flowing through the River Fork Ranch. The work of the Nevada Nature Conservancy has helped preserve this unique riparian habitat to help vegetation take root then help filter pollutants, reduce bank erosion, and provide a habitat for all kinds of wildlife. Both a nature preserve and a working cattle operation, the River Fork Ranch’s wetland landscapes draws tons of birds and raptors, sandhill cranes, mule deer, and more. 

River Fork Ranch
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Know Before You Go

When exploring Nevada’s unblemished backcountry, get in the know by Recreating Responsibly. Before (and during!) your Nevada discoveries, read up on state rules and regs, responsible outdoor etiquette, and pro-status stewardship tips so you can explore the Silver State safely while doing your part to keep it pristine for the long haul.  There’s not a whole ton of shade at the River Fork Ranch, so be sure to arm yourself with plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen and practice Leave No Trace methods whenever possible.

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Be aware that dogs, motor vehicles, overnight camping, hunting or discharging of firearms, dumping of waste, and plant removal is prohibited at the River Fork Ranch Preserve. There’s not a whole ton of shade at the River Fork Ranch, so be sure to arm yourself with plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen and practice Leave No Trace methods whenever possible. 

Getting There

The easiest way to access the River Fork Ranch is from downtown Genoa. Swing by the Whit Hall Interpretive Center and North River Fork Ranch trailhead from Genoa Lane, and the South River Fork Ranch trailhead from Muller Lane. For more information on discovering the River Fork Ranch trails and get the lowdown on upcoming scheduled events, get in touch with the Nevada Nature Conservancy at (775) 322-4990.


The River Fork Ranch recreation area is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only thing preventing you from getting outside here would be related to a seasonal, weather-related closure, or private event. For more info on the River Fork Ranch, get in touch with the Nature Conservancy of Nevada directly at (775) 322-4990.


Whether you’re hiking, trail running, mountain biking, picnicking, watching for wildlife and beyond, no admission is required to get outside at the River Fork Ranch.

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