neon sign for scott shady court motel

Visit Winnemucca’s Scott Shady Court for a genuinely comfortable stay in a retro roadside inn. While the rooms have undergone renovation since its opening several decades ago, the charming vintage qualities of Scott Shady Court are difficult to ignore…in the best way imaginable. With crazy-comfortable beds, recently renovated bathrooms, a year-round heated pool and sauna and friendly service that just wont quit, who could seriously want more? Plus, lets not overlook the forgotten luxury of parking your car 2 feet away from your hotel room. If nothing else, this alone will have you coming back to Scott Shady Court time and time again.

Aside from the richly satisfying accommodations, it would be difficult to beat the charisma that Scott Shady Court has to offer. With some of the coolest neon in Winnemucca along with on-site signage like “Soda Pop and Ice,” Scott Shady Court will have you hurtling toward retro bliss in no time. A definite no-brainer when planning your next itinerary to Winnemucca!

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Northern Nevada, Nevada




Northern Nevada