comstock lodge

The cute and cozy Comstock Lodge is like a home away from home. Guests liken it to staying with relatives, thanks to the alternative, hands-on customer service and well-cared for atmosphere. The 14 rooms are lovingly appointed, and the price can’t be beat. Best yet, the motel is located on Virginia City’s divide, or the area that lies on the ridge between Virginia City and Gold Hill. The energy downtown is most certainly something to be experienced first hand, but the Comstock Lodge provides the perfect relaxing respite for history buffs looking to enjoy both Virginia City and Gold Hill’s alluring past.

When exploring the history of the Comstock Lode and Virginia City, make your home base the Comstock Lodge!


For more detailed information on availability, pricing, and how to reserve your room, dial 775-847-0233.

This Location:

Northwestern, Nevada