For a fascinating tour of a nearly complete World War II airbase, visitors will do no better than the Historic Wendover Air Field Museum. Situated less than a mile from Wendover, Utah, along the Nevada border, the original Wendover Air Force Base was where the Enola Gay crew trained for their mission to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the second World War. Visitors will see the restored B-29 maintenance hanger that housed the aircraft. The Wendover Air Force Base was closed in 1963 and many of the frame buildings fell into disrepair until the Historic Wendover Air Field Museum restored them for them public benefit. Visitors to the airfield and museum are welcome to climb into the tower and explore the base, and guided tours can be arranged in advance. Photo opportunities abound, as the base features preserved hangers and other buildings as well as maintenance and training equipment displays. The base’s Hall of Honor museum is dedicated to the many brave pilots who served, with displays that include authentic uniforms, medals, bomb sights, propellers, dioramas and more. Notably, the Wendover Airfield has been used as a set in various Hollywood movies, including Hulk, Independence Day, Con Air and more. The plane featured in Con Air, a Fairchild C-123K, can still be found on site.

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Northern Nevada, Nevada


Northern Nevada