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After a day of getting into some of the most spectacular countryside in Nevada, crossing paths with a seriously great Sagebrush Saloon feels like the cherry on top of your off grid excursion. Lucky for us, the quiet, historic townsite of Jarbidge has not one but two of the best Sagebrush Saloons in the state—the Outdoor Inn, and Red Dog Saloon. Under the same esteemed ownership, locals and visitors alike come to this section of Nevada to dive into the spirit of rural Nevada at its finest. Spend the day hiking The Matterhorn, off road hundreds of miles of trails, or try and nab an illustrious Dolly Varden on this legendary stretch of river. Then? Celebrate what’s likely to be one of the best days you’ve ever spent on Nevada backroads with a cold one at the Red Dog with a bar counter full of others seeking the same true solitude.

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With Jarbidge’s enchanting history dating all the way back to the early 1900s, most still-standing structures here have a story. The Red Dog Saloon is no exception, having been built when the town boomed, thanks to one of the last true gold rushes in the American West. An adored and relied upon watering hole for visitors and locals alike, a recent change in ownership made the Red Dog open year round. It’s sister property—the Outdoor Inn—is located right across the street, but only open seasonally, May through November. The Red Dog is also open during those months for thirsty customers only, but serves a satisfying lineup of breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the winter months when the Outdoor Inn’s kitchen is closed.

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It’s not too often you find yourself 68 miles off the highway. When you do, especially when you find yourself in a place like Jarbidge, there’s no better hangout than the Red Dog Saloon. There’s no TV or gaming here—instead, you’ll be rewarded with original fixtures like the bar counter and red oil lamps-turned electric, a great jukebox complete with handwritten selections, and great conversation that will get you up to speed on people who put Jarbidge on the map, weather, access road conditions, and maybe even where the elk are on the mountain.

red dog saloon outside

Travel Nevada PRO TIP: The Red Dog Saloon is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday year round. If you’ve got your heart set on grabbing one of those tasty whiskey-based Bloody Mary’s the place is known for—and trust us, you will—be sure to call ahead to double check that the Red Dog Saloon is open. Dial the bar directly at (775) 488-2383.

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