West Wendover Pilot Peak

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Embracing Wisdom & Tradition Along Nevada's Cowboy Corridor | Episode 1

August 2019
Updated: October 2019


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Embracing Wisdom & Tradition Along Nevada's Cowboy Corridor | Episode 1

There’s a wisdom in tradition and history that’s worth learning from—equal parts brain and heart—and there sure is a whole lot of it found along Nevada’s Cowboy Corridor Road Trip. In this three part series, hear from Nevadans who, over multi-generations, have formed a deep bond with the northern Nevada landscape, making this part of the Great Basin unlike any other. From Basque sheepherding, to Ranch Brewed Beer, Ghost Towns, Mining, Rodeos, and Cowboying, the history and heritage found along the Cowboy Corridor runs deep, and is yours for the exploring. #CowboyCorridor

In the first episode of this three-part series, we embark along the Cowboy Corridor starting at its eastern most point in West Wendover, along Nevada’s portion of Interstate 80. Here, we chat with this sparkling city perched on the western edge of the Bonneville Salt Flats, who’ve embraced live music as part of their story for more than 70 years. From there, we move west to meet with one of Nevada’s oldest microbreweries, and tried and true places to refuel that have been a fixture of the Elko skyline for decades. 

This podcast was produced by Fil Corbitt of Van Sounds. Intro music in this episode is a song called “Space Camp” by Reno artist Buffalo Moses. The outro was an original song by Reno artist People With Bodies.

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