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Whether you’ve been fantasizing about that big, beachfront Lake Tahoe ceremony (be real, since long before you even ever met this soulmate), or you really just want Father “Elvis” to do this thing from a drive-through window, or anything else in between, Nevada’s got your big day covered. While many states make couples deal with a blood test and waiting period to get married before their wedding day, all Nevada really asks is that both people show up. You can even get a marriage license from any county clerk office and go home hitched, with marriage certificate in hand, later that same day. But that’s not the only reason couples bring their love to the Silver State. Whatever your vision is for your big day—from storybook elegance to rustic and casual to spur-of-the-moment—if you can dream it, Nevada can make it come true. 


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Nevada surely has something for everyone planning to get married and we welcome the opportunity to help you make the most of your special day.

Best Wedding Venues in Nevada

Nevada Wedding Venues That Are So Unique, They’re Guaranteed to Be Remembered

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Northwestern & Southern

Between countless movies and real-life celebrity BuzzFeed pictorials and maybe even a surprise “So… Tom and I got married” tale from your aunt on Thanksgiving, there’s a reason why thoughts of Las Vegas conjure images of cute little chapels, drive-thru ceremonies, and JUST MARRIED pics beneath the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign. 

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Burning Man Wedding
Burning Man

And don’t get us wrong; whether you’re envisioning your big day in a beautiful church or schmancy golf club, a Tahoe beach or beautiful natural setting, a charming old ranch or, hell, even a ghost town, Nevada has no shortage of picture-perfect places to satisfy those desires. However, seekers of big, lavish weddings or even that classic just-us Nevada wedding chapel experience will be glad to know that anything is possible in the Silver State.

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Graceland Chapel

Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas weddings are always a hot choice, with as wide a range of options as there are people selecting them. There are the big-name spots like the tabloid-famous A Little White Chapel, or the “king” of Elvis-officiated ceremonies, Graceland Chapel. But it’s not just for show, eloping couples, or even spur-of-the-moment decisions. Having a wedding in Las Vegas pleases guests by making the whole “destination wedding” situation about as easy (and fun) as possible. Also, to minimize wedding-day stress, just about every major hotel offers packages that include a chapel, your officiant and certificate of permission, rooms, food, and other matrimonial goodies. Fancy some extra flowers or a spa package to enhance the romance? Consider yourself accommodated. 

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Looking for even more info? Visit the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce at
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Lake Tahoe

Wedding Chapels in Reno, Nevada

And then there’s Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful locations in the world for a wedding (or really anything), where many talented wedding planners are available to take care of every detail for your special day. Several resorts on the sandy shores of the lake can also help you plan anything from a low-key ceremony at a beautiful mountain park to the most elaborate high-rise, lake-viewing extravaganza.


Tying the knot in the heart of Black Rock City or living true nuptial bliss at a Vintage Vegas chapel? Use #TravelNevada to share your Silver State matrimonial memories with us. If we love your photo, you may find it featured here.

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