Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival

Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival
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Born from humble beginnings, discover the unusually lush Moapa Valley region one pomegranate at a time during this beloved southeastern Nevada event. Hosted by the Moapa Valley Art Guild at the Clark County Fairgrounds each November during peak pomegranate harvest season, load up the whole fam for two action-packed days of artists and crafter vendors whose work showcases the culture of the American Southwest, learn the fascinating cultural history of the Ancestral Puebloans who first called the region home, live music and entertainment, and of course pomegranates—lots of pomegranates.

From its inception more than 20 years ago, the Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival has become an important Moapa Valley tradition, an old-fashioned country fair with fun activities enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike.

Though pomegranates are not native to the southeastern Nevada region, the Moapa Valley has long been revered for its fertile ground. Once home to Ancestral Puebloan cultures that built multi-story villages and constructed irrigation channels to farm the region, the Moapa Valley still nurtures small fields of traditional crops such as beans, corn and squash. Mormon settlers of the early 20th Century discovered that fruits such as figs, apricots, grapes and pomegranates thrived in the desert climate, and the rest is history.

Now nearly 150 years later, lush Moapa Valley still boasts pomegranate orchards, which ripen from September through early December. Through the years the Pomegranate Arts and Festival has evolved into a first-class arts event showcasing the talents of many local and visiting artisans and makers, whose work is largely inspired by the American Southwest and pomegranate themes. Best yet, sample all kinds of locally grown pomegranates, jars of ruby-red jelly, and all kinds of other pomegranate culinary creations sold at vendor spaces throughout the fairgrounds. 

For more information on the Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival, including a full schedule of events, raffle and entertainment information, and more things to see and do in the area, get in touch with event organizers directly at (702) 397-6444.

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