Moapa Valley

Moapa Valley

Wedged between massive Lake Mead National Recreation Area and hugely popular Valley of Fire State Park, Moapa Valley is a rural, agrarian gem in the southern Nevada desert. Moapa Valley is made up of several scenic communities—Overton, Logandale, Glendale, and Moapa. It’s also home to the Muddy River, a tributary of the Colorado River system, which empties into the expansive Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and one of Nevada’s most distinctive museums.

Gateway to Valley of Fire and Beyond

Moapa Valley: Vibrant Vistas in Southern Nevada

It’s only an hour’s drive from Moapa Valley to Las Vegas, which makes it an ideal base of operations for venturing out to some of southern Nevada’s most spectacular outdoor destinations, with Valley of Fire at its doorstep, and the wider watery wilderness of Lake Mead lying just beyond. This collection of small towns is also where you’ll find the fascinating Lost City Museum, plus plenty of places to eat, sleep, and relax.

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Moapa Valley History

Moapa Valley has been inhabited for thousands of years and was home to some of Nevada’s first permanent residents, who arrived between AD 200 to AD 1200. Visit Lost City Museum to learn about the ancestral Puebloan people through spectacular artifacts recovered on-site, as well as beautiful basketry and contemporary art that celebrates Nevada’s incredible Native cultural history.

Lost City Museum Today
Lost City Museum Today
The CCC Excavating and Building the Lost City Museum
The CCC Excavating and Building the Lost City Museum
Nevada Historical Society

Starting in the mid- to late 1800s, Mormon farmers planted roots in Logandale, Overton, and Moapa. When Hoover Dam was completed in the 1930s, the filling of Lake Mead swallowed up the pioneer town of St. Thomas for generations. However, the water’s recent retreat has allowed many of its structures to re-emerge, presenting a rare and intriguing opportunity to explore a formerly flooded ghost town.

Things to Do in and Around Moapa Valley

Moapa Valley is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. Nearby Valley of Fire—Nevada’s first and most famous state park—is a 40,000-acre geological wonderland of towering red sandstone outcroppings set among tan and gray limestone. It’s hard to get closer to actual time-travel than meandering trails among 2,000-year-old petroglyphs, petrified trees, and prehistoric sandstorms frozen in time.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

There’s a good reason Valley of Fire State Park draws the big crowds. To beat them—along with the heat, if you visit in summer—it’s best to get there as early as possible (the gates open at sunrise). As well as to do your homework on which trails and features you’d like to visit beforehand, so you can maximize your time enjoying the park. 
Valley of Fire State Park
Valley of Fire State Park
Wildlife, Nevada Wildlife, Nevada Bighorns, Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorns
Desert Bighorn Sheep

The Logandale Trails System contains more than 200 miles of recreational trails that are most popular with off-road enthusiasts, but also attract equestrians, mountain bikers, and hikers. Navigate a maze of tracks and trails lined with unique rock formations, rare desert plants, and abundant wildlife, such as desert bighorn sheep—Nevada’s majestic state animal.

If water’s your jam, head to Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge, a 106-acre refuge established in the late 1970s to protect the endangered Moapa dace, a small fish that exists right here and only here. Or make the short drive to mighty Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the U.S. This jewel of the Southwest is a haven for boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, sport fishing, and beyond.

Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Moapa Valley Dace

Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Moapa Valley Restaurants

If all your Moapa Valley exploring works up your appetite, head straight for CABLP. The name is kind of a mouthful and so is the fare at the casual family joint, whose name is an acronym of sorts for Criss Angel’s Breakfast Lunch & Pizza. Yep, that Criss Angel. The larger-than-life Las Vegas illusionist purchased his favorite mom-and-pop eatery in Overton in early 2021.

The Inside Scoop
The Inside Scoop

Sweatin’ for sweets? Grab the kiddos and cruise into The Inside Scoop in Overton, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that also serves tasty sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers. For huge, cheesy pizza, pop into Pirates Landing in Logandale. For hearty Mexican classics, look no further than La Fonda Mexican Restaurant in Overton.

Pomegranate Arts & Culture Festival

The Moapa Valley’s premier special event is the Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival, held each year at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale. The festival celebrating this unique fruit that flourishes in the temperate Southern Nevada climate includes a full lineup of singers, dancers and other entertainers, along with hosts of artists and crafters from throughout the Moapa Valley and surrounding areas. And, of course, more ways to taste pomegranates than you ever thought possible.

Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival
Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival
North Shore Inn
The North Shore Inn at Lake Mead

Moapa Valley Hotels

It’s easy to fill big days here. To save you from burning that candle at both ends with trips to and from Las Vegas, Moapa Valley offers a handful of comfortable options where you can rest and recharge. Our favorite indoor option is the North Shore Inn at Lake Mead in Overton for its central location and nice, big swimming pool. 

For those towing their own room (or packing it in a tent bag), the Palm Creek RV Resort & Picnic Grounds in Moapa is a desert oasis full of shade trees, lush lawns, and a warm water spring where you can splash around every month of the year. Meanwhile, the Fun-N-Sun Trailer Park is a 55-and-over resort in Overton with a pool, hot tub, and staging area for OHV pursuits.


Whether you’re snapping FOMO-inducing Valley of Fire selfies, discovering Native American history, or plowing through pomegranates at the fest, tag your snaps with #TravelNevada so we can follow and share your Moapa Valley adventure.

For miles around, the Mojave Desert basin feels immensely desolate. Out of seemingly nowhere, 8 springs give forth life to 30 sensitive species, some found no where else in the world. One such creature is the Moapa dace, a warm water fish which thrives in the hot spring environment. Over 200 species of bird have found their way to this oasis.

From home to the Southern Paiute people, to Spanish settlers, to Howard Hughes, and now the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the waters here have homed many stewards.

It was incredible to walk through the thick brush and tall palm trees, trying to spot the noisy birds and catch glimpses of the Moapa dace, only a few inches in size. This is certainly a gem to explore near Las Vegas for any adventurer. Next time, I'm bringing picnic supplies!

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Outside the museum is a replica pueblo and replica pithouse; a petroglyph panel saved from the Moapa Valley; antique farm and mining equipment; and most importantly an adorable cat as your tour guide (last slide).⁣
at the Lost City Museum in Moapa, Nevada⁣
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St. Thomas 1/3

Perhaps the most fascinating ghost town I've seen to date!
The US government purchased the town of St. Thomas for the sole purpose of flooding it with Lake Mead after the creation of the Hoover Dam. The entire town spent almost 70 years completely submerged, only to reappear due to dwindling water levels (casual drought, water shortage and global warming it's fine everything is fine)
One of the best parts of travel is having no expectations going into a place and then being completely blown away by how awesome it is. 

We set the gps to Logandale Trails in Nevada on a whim after reading a couple good reviews about the riding there and it did not disappoint.  Located on the north side of Valley of Fire State Park, we had amazing views of the jagged red rocks right from our boondocking spot.

Because this area is an off-roading area, it can get pretty mobbed but we had the entire place to ourselves once the weekdays came along. The riding was a bit choppy for my taste but the insane landscape was well worth it. 

The 13 mile loop trail has a variety of different experiences including canyons, rolling hills, wide open washes, petroglyphs and sand dunes. 

Kicked the road trip off to a great start! 🤘
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This morning's sunrise over Moapa Valley

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Some sunsets just blow your mind 🤯 
Taken on Jan 03, 2022.
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The strip was cool & all but this is way more our speed. Saved the best for last & took a UTV through Moapa Valley on our last day in Nevada. No better way to spend our anniversary. Here’s to 6 years! ❤️
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Double Negative was created in 1969 by Michael Heizer. It’s a piece of land art located on Mormon Mesa in the Moapa Valley. Can you see our van at the end of the 2nd trench? The dirt road is about 7 miles long but I don’t recommend a minivan for the last 2 miles. It was rough. #doublenegative #doublenegativenevada #moapavalley #mormonmesa #nevada #explorenevada #virginrivermesa image