Whether it’s Tuscarora Ghost Town, or some of the state’s largest and wildest wilderness areas that call you to Nevada’s remote northeastern corner, the Lone Mountain Station’s got a cold one with your name on it. Located along the Mountain City Highway about 30 minutes north of Elko, visitors and locals alike flock to this Sagebrush Saloon for classic saloon grub, all kinds of local events ranging from squirrel hunts to classic car shows, pro tips from the locals, or just a way to get out of Elko and into some of Nevada’s most beautiful countryside.

Access to some of the Silver State’s most breathtaking countryside, remote Nevada ghost towns, and a locals hangout with all the flowing beer you can drink is the name of the game at the Lone Mountain Station, located a quick 30 minutes north of Elko on the Mountain City Highway.

Located along the Rubies Route road trip and on the way to Jarbidge, the Lone Mountain Station is situated along the Mountain City Highway at the turnoff to Tuscarora Ghost Town. Outside, you’ll find a classic no-frills Sagebrush Saloon scene, with enough room on the property for plenty of RV Campers and hunters, road trippers, and everyone else in between. Inside, visitors will find a long, locals-packed bar counter, pool table, and plenty of food and drink to go around. The Lone Mountain Station offers all kinds of tasty made-to-order meals from the Double D Bar and Grill inside, including faves like cheeseburgers and fries, pizza, taco night, and much more. 


The Lone Mountain Station is open seven days a week, from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

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