Open since 1989, Henderson’s Lion Habitat Ranch has strived to protect wild lions by providing a safe environment and living quarters for the rest of their natural lives. Aside from advocating for education about African lions, Lion Habitat Ranch supports the Conservation International in Kenya, the Campaign Against Canned Hunting, and SanWild. Funded by general admission and a variety of lion habitat tours and experiences, Lion Habitat Ranch also graciously accepts donations to offset the costs of running the facility and to pay for the care of the animals. 

Meet the Animals

While most animal habitats in Nevada are a habitat sanctuary for all kinds of animals, Lion Habitat Ranch homes lions only, with one exception: Ozzie the giraffe. General admission promises seeing these majestic Kings of the Jungle interact with their prides, learn about their natural habitats in Africa’s grassland plains, how they communicate with each other, and beyond. 

The staff here is very connected with all lions within the habitat, devoted to the care and feeding of all creatures on the ranch constantly making improvements to lion environments and living quarters.

Lion Habitat Ranch Experiences

Besides general admission to Lion Habitat Ranch, this lion sanctuary offers a handful of specialty experiences. Reserve your spot on Feast With the Beasts—an unforgettable private party that manages to stand out in a city with already flashy experiences. With this experience, you’ll have a private, glass-enclosed table to share with your guests, surrounded by lions. Staff will prepare a box lunch, create a picnic or formal meal, or guests can even bring their own picnic. Another unforgettable specialty outdoor experience at Lion Habitat Ranch is the Behind the Scenes Tour, which guides your party around the ranch where you’ll see staff feeding, cleaning, watering and bathing the animals. On this tour you can take all the photos you’d like, and can also hand feed the resident giraffe, Ozzie. And, if you’d really like to immerse yourself in feeding the animals at Lion Habitat Ranch, reserve your spot on the Feed the Animals experience, where you can feed Ozzie, along with hand feeding a lion. 

Lion Habitat Ranch also hosts a yoga event called Lion’s Breath of Yoga, offers Virtual Tours, and gift certificates. 


The Lion Habitat Ranch is open at different times based on season. During the summer months, Lion Habitat Ranch is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

In the winter, hours are Monday through Thursday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, closed Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Lion Habitat Ranch offers discounted rates for locals, seniors, military, fire, police, college students and local hotel employees, as well as family and group rates. For the most current information on tickets and admission, please contact the Lion Habitat Ranch directly at (702) 595-6666.

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