A historic Nevada homestead original to the Silver State story beckons outdoorsmen, backroaders, and adventure-seekers of all kinds to some of Nevada’s most ruggedly remote territory. Situated on the outskirts of Gerlach and the Black Rock Desert in the Walapai Valley, Iveson Ranch welcomes visitors and locals alike to comfy accommodations in ranch housing with access to spectacular backcountry.

Whether you’re looking to unplug at this remote ranch experience or looking to drop into off-grid adventure, there’s no better basecamp than the Iveson Ranch.  

Nestled in the foothills about 30 minutes north of Gerlach, you can stay in dude-ranch-style accommodations during the summer or stake your spot at spacious, private campsites on the property. Camping near Gerlach, NV, is the perfect jumping off point to explore the Black Rock Desert and surrounding mountains, valleys, and canyons. Use Iveson Ranch as your adventure basecamp. Hike the historic Applegate-Lassen Historic Trail, overland through High Rock Canyon, fish flowing rivers and streams, and be sure to keep your camera handy for great wildlife photography opps. Best yet, some of Nevada’s best rockhounding is found near the Black Rock, so remember to bring your rockhammer along for opal hunting unlike anywhere else.

Staying at Iveson Ranch

Aside from camping on the Playa, this is some of the closest available camping near Gerlach, NV. At the Iveson Ranch, it’s easy to forget that you’re on the outskirts of the Black Rock Desert. That being said, be sure to come prepared as if you were camping on the Playa.

Be sure to pack plenty of food and water, and remember you’ll be traveling in and around remote areas with little or no cell service. Meals here are ranch-style—know that the folks at Iveson Ranch eat mostly organic foods, heavy on vegetables and a variety of meats. And remember, you’re staying on a working ranch! By staying here, you’ll more than likely be put to work in the kitchen or the corrals, regardless of your age.

Hiking, Horseback Riding, and Off-Roading near Iveson Ranch

The ranch backs up to the wide-open “Nevada outback,” and the property encourages visitors to bring their high clearance vehicles, horses, ATVs, and dirt bikes as they are the best way to explore the surrounding area. If you’re down to get out there and get a little dirty, the outdoor recreation possibilities are endless at Iveson. 

Iveson Ranch has several corrals if you want to bring your own horses to ride in some of the last true pieces of the Wild West. The wildlife around these parts really is something to see, especially in the springtime. Take your steed out for a stroll and see if you can spot some of the mule deer, antelope, or wild horses that call this part of the state home.

The ranch is situated right next to the Granite Mountains, which are rich with wildlife and secret canyons to explore. Spend a day hiking the wagon trails through High Rock Canyon on the Applegate-Lassen Historic Trail, or venture out on your own. The perfect jumping off point for off-roading adventures, trailer your quads, dirtbikes, or ATVs to Iveson’s, then spend the day discovering the mountains, valleys, natural hot springs, and canyons surrounding the mighty Black Rock Desert.


Iveson Ranch is open year round! Start planning your Black Rock escape today.


For more info on visiting, current rates, how to plan your stay, be sure to get in touch with Iveson Ranch directly at (775) 557-2804.

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