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Tonopah Star Parties

stargazing in tonopah
Tonopah Star Parties
Tonopah Star Parties
Tonopah Star Parties
Central NV

Bask in Wild West sights under a sea of stars at Tonopah Star Parties, held all summer long in the heart of Tonopah, NV. Held on select weekends from April through October, get your hands on the Tonopah Clear Sky Chart, then head for the Tonopah Stargazing Park—outfitted with cement pads for BYO telescopes and long-exposure cameras—to experience some of the best stargazing in the entire country.

Experience what USA Today says is the #1 Stargazing Destination in America one constellation, planet, and galaxy at a time at this beloved Tonopah event.

You can see a couple dozen stars in most cities across the country, but in Tonopah? Expect to see thousands of stars, a handful of planets, and the Milky Way Galaxy—all visible to the naked eye. It’s easy to see why Tonopah’s dark skies are a magnet for professional astronomers, amateur stargazers, and every level of starstruck curiosity in between all year long, especially during summer months when the Milky Way’s galactic center is on full display. And since Tonopah sits at the intersection of the Free-Range Art Highway and the Extraterrestrial Highway, keep those eyes to the skies for satellites and maybe even a UFO or two.

Tonopah Star Parties have two themes: Dark Sky Nights and Moon Nights. On Moon Nights, attendees will be able to see the moon up close and connect their phones to a telescope for photos. All parties start at dusk and are free to attend. Telescopes, binoculars, and iPads with stargazing apps will be available during Tonopah Star Parties, but visitors are welcome to bring their own equipment as well.

Click here to see the 2024 Tonopah Star Parties schedule, weather permitting. There’s typically one Dark Sky Night and one Moon Night party hosted each month, with special events for viewing the Perseid meteor shower and photographer-favorite waxing crescent moon.

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