An Evening With the Lady In Red

There is something undeniably magnetic about paranormal investigation. I’m not really sure I wholeheartedly believe in it, but on that same stroke don’t not believe in it, if that makes any sense. There seem to be too many normal, sensible people who have claimed to have seen baffling incidents for it to not be real, but that’s just my opinion…

That being said, things escalated when booking a room at the Mizpah Hotel….and quickly. Hiking the nearby colossal Mt. Jefferson, nothing sounded better than staying in this immaculately decorated, era-specific jewel. I mean it wasn’t originally dubbed “The Finest Stone Hotel in the Desert” for nothing, eh? After a 12 mile hike, I had my eye on the prize and wanted to be pampered in the opulent Lady in Red room, but was a day late and a dollar short; the room was booked. Forgetting about all those traumatizing ghost hunting shows I binge watched in college, an unforeseen burst of fearlessness came over me as I requested to stay in the notorious Lady In Red room on the fifth floor.  But hey, I had my newfound sense of spunk and was ready to take this sassy ghost lady on.

Let’s step back here for a sec: like most authentic wild west abodes, there was one employee present at all hours of the day, divvying up an integral service of this era. You guessed it: a prostitute. This purveyor of female companionship at the Mizpah resided on the fifth floor and met an untimely and brutal demise outside her suite, when she was strangled and stabbed by a jealous ex-lover. During this time [prior to the incredible restoration that took place in 2011,] her suite was comprised of the entire upper street-facing corner of the fifth floor, while today it has been split into three rooms: 504, 503 and 502. The Lady In Red themed room in 504 is exquisite beyond doubt, but the allegedly haunted room is just down the hall, in room 502.

Banking on the fact that I would be totally drained after my trek, there would be no time overanalyze any metaphysical incidents, right? It had all gone according to plan until I checked in, when the front desk attendant blurted, “I don’t even like to go in that room, or on that floor.” My audacity dwindled almost instantaneously…this sobering dose of reality was upon me now. Sayonara vote of confidence! I was fine with a good looking, nice lady slinking around the corner, living up to her reputation of leaving pearls. All is good as long as she doesn’t go Bloody Mary on me in the middle of the night.

The owners have dexterously mastered the renovations, but tons of authentic factors still remain including the 107 year old elevator; upon its original installation it was the first elevator west of the Mississippi. This electrical wonder absolutely makes you feel like you’re jumping back in time, delving deeper into days of yore with each floor it climbs. Miss Red has been rumored to target individual male passengers in the elevator, whispering ‘hey, you’ into the ear of its passengers, so men: take note. Oddly enough, the 5th floor button had already been pressed before I could even select it with my own digits. Spooky much?

Desperately leaning on my stance as a nonbeliever, the doors opened and I was in the thick of the ‘haunted corridor.’ And of course, while the entire hall way was magnificently illuminated, guess whose room had no light outside of it. And whose key didn’t work on first [second, or third] attempt. I frantically scouted a light switch as the door swung open into the eerie quarters.  Bottom line, the Mizpah isn’t on the Historic Hotels of America list for no reason; the place is ridiculously comfy and truly fit for a king.  That being said, room 502 had an undeniably ominous feeling that was hard to put your finger on. It didn’t help that the thermostat was set to a lower temperature than the surrounding hallways. My imagination went wild with that one.

Despite my original plans, was I going to use my handy-dandy electromagnetic field detector app? NOPE. Was I going to set my camera on a time-lapse mode throughout the night? Hard NO. Soooooooo not messing with things that should not be meddled with, and in the midst of a full moon to boot. I promptly flipped the full-length mirror over to face the wall, slid into bed and hoped for the best. The lights were on, and they were staying on.

Surprised to have made it through the night without any spine-chilling confrontations, I felt amazing. The only freakish thing about my stay there was the crazy good nights sleep I got, I mean dang. Now I just had to get my ghost hunt on. Again, I tend to base my opinions on facts and was not too sure about the validity of such devices. Knowing there was an obvious spike in ‘activity’ near electrical hotspots, I loaded up with equipment in search of the Lady in Red, and a few kids known to haunt the third floor.

I knew I might be in for it when the housekeeping attendant outside my room was straight up afraid to clean it, but hey, lets rip this bandaid off…Watch out Ghost Adventures, there’s a new sheriff in town. The spot where the murder went down in the hallway had some odd activity, along with the Lady in Red Suite and of course my allegedly haunted room 502. But, the thing went a different level of berserk on the third floor.  Supposedly haunted by children, the detector almost redlined in one spot. Convinced there was an electrical panel in the wall, I dismissed it, but came back to it a few minutes later to find it flatlined at 0.0. (????) While some unexplainable things went down, the creepiest, most noticeable instance happened while editing this short clip—Not too sure what to make of the dual shadows on that one…no explanation comes to mind considering there weren’t any people around me during that time.

The ghost hunting was positively amusing [during daylight,] but not something I’d regularly dabble in, that’s for certain. As goofy as it sounds, these hauntings have all been pretty tame reports which was its saving grace. Even with my surge in confidence, I wouldn’t have touched it with a 10 foot pole if I knew I was going to confront a psycho axe wielding miner ghost. Certainly not the case. While some genuinely indescribable and somewhat mysterious things occurred during my stay, I never felt in danger, more so intrigued…like it was a game. Bottom line: ghost aficionado or not, you need to have this wild west, historical Nevada staple under your belt. You are guarranteed to leave with some fun stories in tow, Lady in Red appearance or not. #NVHistory