As one of the richest mineral producers of the 1800s, it’s safe to say Eureka, NV solidified Nevada’s sterling reputation and place in the history books. Now home to one of the most well-preserved, not to mention wildly photogenic 18th century Old West towns in all of Nevada, making time to explore the Eureka Historic District should be part of every Loneliest Road tripper’s itinerary. And that’s just what you’ll see above ground.

Ready for a dose of Haunted Nevada? There’s no better way to get in tune with Nevada’s paranormal prowess than exploring the historic labyrinth of underground tunnels beneath one of the best preserved Old West mining districts in the Silver State.

Like many other historic boomtowns across Nevada and the West, Eureka, NV had quite the boomin’ downtown district, along with a myriad of tunnels that connected many businesses below the surface. From bootlegging activity, to ensuring regular deliveries of beer during stormy, high desert winter months, to theories about Nevada Governor Reinhold Sadler having the underground tunnels made as a way of avoiding interacting with townspeople on his way to work, there are quite a few legends about how this “Underground Cathedral” came to be.  

Some of the underground tunnel systems in the state were meant for liquor and food deliveries and other commerce, but also for anyone who wasn’t white to get around town, below the main street level. Matter of fact, historians have speculated Eureka’s Underground Tunnels were built by the Chinese, who made the tunnels to avoid being harassed, where they could carry out their social activities like gambling, and create community. 

Most of these 150+ year old tunnels have long since collapsed or have been filled in, though several large chambers remain and have attracted some of the most famous ghost hunters around, including Zak Bagans’ Ghost Adventures, who investigated reports of a malevolent spirit lurking within the Eureka Underground Tunnels.

Eureka Underground Tunnel Tours

History lover or ghost hunter, there’s no Nevada tour quite like the Eureka Underground Tunnel Tours. Made by appointment only, this historic walking tour is the only way to see some of the last remaining chambers of the Eureka Underground Tunnels system found beneath the Jackson House Hotel, Colonnade Hotel, Eureka Saloon & Café, and The Afterlife Antique and Oddities Shop. 

Not quite ready to go below the surface? Get in touch with above-ground ghouls at the Great Eureka Ghost Hunt, which offers the largest ghost hunting event of the year in October, but also makes regular ghost hunting tours available throughout the calendar year, too.


The Eureka Underground Tunnel Tours are offered Friday and Saturday from 6:45 to 9 PM by appointment only, year round. To schedule a tour, get in touch with Dana at (775) 230-2232.


Eureka Underground Tunnel Tours are $15 per person. For more information on planning your trip to historic Eureka, NV get in touch with the Eureka Tourism Board directly at (775) 230-2232.

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