Carson Hot Springs

Historic Carson Hot Springs

Chasing a solid soak at local Carson City hot springs? Situated in Nevada’s Capital City, this large natural hot spring has been relied upon for more than 150 years. First used by American Indians pre-statehood, immigrants en route to California rediscovered the hot springs in 1849.

There are many, many things that have brought Nevadans together for decades — and hot water is certainly one of them. With more natural hot springs than any other state, visitors and locals alike certainly have their pick. If it’s history, convenience, and affordability you’re after, you’ll find your perfect soak at Carson Hot Springs. 

As the nearby Comstock Lode silver discovery boomed and Nevada entered statehood, the natural hot springs—along with the rest of Carson City—developed. By 1880, bathhouses and dressing rooms were introduced, along with a modern swimming pool, diving board, and a hotel. Considering the world’s largest silver strike was being discovered mere miles from the hot spring, drawing the most famous businessmen in the world, luxury was commonplace. Patrons were transported from Carson City to the hot springs by horse and buggy, and weekly rates were made available.

Throughout the next several decades, ownership and the name of these hot springs changed. The property was renamed to Carson Hot Springs by the early 1990s, thanks to the then-owners George Wingfield and Fred Dangberg. Around this time, a clubhouse was built, drawing the likes of big bands in the 1930s and 1940s. Later, Carson Brewing Company began bottling and selling the mineral-rich hot springs water for guests and the casual passerby. 

Visiting Carson Hot Springs Today

Carson Hot Springs

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The original location of the pool and hot springs remains, as does the site of the clubhouse. The original clubhouse has been remodeled, and Carson Hot Springs shares the property with Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint, which operates one of the best restaurants in Carson City from this historic locale. While mineral water is not being bottled by the Carson Brewing Company anymore, the Shoe Tree Brewing Company has also settled into the property and offers award-winning beers garnering national attention. Pros at nightlife, a damn good meal, locally adored original craft beers, and hot water—not much has changed on these historic grounds 150+ years later.

Natural Mineral Properties

The hot springs naturally flow out of the ground from 35,000 feet below the Earth’s surface and are loaded with all the good minerals, including sodium, sulfate, chloride, silica, potassium, calcium, fluoride, magnesium, and lithium. The benefits of these natural mineral springs can include strengthened hair, skin, and nail protein; the reduction of body toxins; more relaxed muscles; and increased feelings of tranquility.  

The natural mineral water at Carson Hot Springs flows out of the ground at 121 degrees. Air spray and evaporative cooling are used to lower the water temperature when pools are drained and refilled each day. No chemical or city water is added—a detail that separates Carson Hot Springs from other area hot springs resorts. Since Spring 2021, Carson City Hot Springs has opened a handful of new pools and water features in addition to the pools that have always been here. Sink into four different pools—two large swimming pools or two smaller (and hotter!) hot tubs, all filled with hot springs mineral water. The outdoor pools and tubs are kept between 93 and 96 degrees in the summer and 98 to 100 degrees in the winter, while 10 private hot baths (or “Mini Spas”) range in temperature from 95 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Saunas are included with all admission, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own towels. Lockers are provided, but please be sure to bring your own lock. If you do not have your own towel or lock, these items are available for sale at the front desk. No alcohol or coolers are permitted.


Carson Hot Springs is open seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.


This resort hot spring offers affordable rates and season passes that range in price. Pool capacity will be limited to 50 people in the outdoor pool and patio area, with a 2-hour time limit per visit. No reservations are currently being taken for the private spa rooms, but instead offered on a first-come, first-served basis—walk-ins are encouraged and welcome. For the most up-to-date information on rates and discounts, please dial the property directly at (775) 885-8844.

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