Valley of Fire State Park

Know Before You Go

Simply put, Nevada’s a big place. As the seventh-largest state, the Silver State calls travelers to traverse thousands of miles of open highways and chase some dirt-road horizons. 

Naturally, with that much adventure waiting for you, there’s a bit to know before you go off exploring what Nevada’s known for. Get the ins, outs, overs, and in-betweens of exploring the Weirdest, Wildest West.

What to Know Before Visiting Nevada

So, what is Nevada known for? For starters, it’s one of the most iconic metropolitan areas on Earth. Then, of course, beyond that neon glow, there are all the can’t-believe-it’s-really a desert and mountainscapes, dotted with surreal parks and bubbling hot springs, lit up by the brightest stars in the darkest skies, and other unforgettable things that make this place so damn special.

black rock hot springs
Black Rock Hot Springs

Discover Nevada’s biggest pocket of parks and initiate some serious resting relaxation face at some of Nevada’s state and national parks, remembering to always leave these sensitive pristine places better than you found them—and to help keep ‘em that way by never geo-tagging them on social media.

Much like fuel stations, restrooms and drinking water, access to cell service can be a bit scattered in some rural parts of the state. Map out your #NVRoadTrip with gas stations, night stops, and be extra safe by letting someone know where you’re venturing, plus when you plan to come back. Basically, call your mom. Oh, and speaking of your parents… forget what they told you. Out here, one of the first things to know about Nevada is that talking to strangers won’t simply shape the way you experience the places you visit, it may just make your whole damn trip.

night sky at sand mountain recreation area
Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Fancy an off-grid dip? Before you head out to Nevada’s natural hot springs, be sure to brush up on what to know before you go soaking. What about checking out hundreds of Nevada ghost towns, or trying your hand at rockhounding as you sink your pick axe into natural gemstones like turquoise, garnets or black fire opal? When you ditch that pavement, abide by Nevada’s Dirt Road Code so you can get after that unfenced, backcountry action safely, legally, and while moving the Nevada story forward.

visitor at rhyolite ghost town
Rhyolite Ghost Town

What is Nevada Known For?

Mountains of Snow and Valleys of Fire

When you hear the word “Nevada,” what do you picture? The glitz and glam of the Las Vegas Strip’s five crazy, glowing miles? You bet. Maybe a few flying saucers whirring around Area 51. Sure thing. And the sublime, crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe? Of course. But dip beneath the surface and you’ll find some other intriguing sides of Nevada, like the side where Wild West history and 1870s opulence collide with rip-roaring races and rowdy saloons in Virginia City. Or a side that captivates boulderers and multi-pitch leaders with the kind of routes and scenery rock climbing dreams are made of. Maybe it’s the side marked by jagged, sky-high peaks tempting heli skiing with untouched lines through virgin powder. Whatever it is, And once you’ve gotten here, you’ll be on our side for good.

angel lake
Angel Lake


Wanna help us show off your side of Nevada? Use #TravelNevada and share your favorite discoveries. If we love your photo, look for it here.

Come, little children, I'll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment

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Anyone else have a kid that would literally run into the water if you let them? 🥴💙
Stargazing and looking for meteors at the Seven Magic Mountains ☄️🌌 You don’t have to wonder too far from Vegas to catch the meteors. Grab a chair and a few jackets cause it gets 🥶 Shouts to jennayyyyye for helpin me achieve these effects 🔥📸

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It was a flowery day again. Don't see this much bloom too often, so I'm taking it all in, and I just wanna take pics of something 😅

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🛶 Lake Tahoe at the Stateline, Nevada.

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Teresa Lake, Great Basin national park.
This lovely alpine lake can be accessed by a short hike from the Alpine lakes trailhead. The lake, also referred to as a tarn, is surrounded by a grove of pine trees. The iconic Wheeler peak towers over the lake in this scene. The greenish tinge in the sky is from airglow.
The photo is a blend of the foreground shot at blue hour and the sky shot later in the night, from a different location in the park. The foreground is a stack of five photos, each shot at 24mm, f/8.0, ISO800, 6 second exposure. The sky was shot at 24 mm, f/2.8, ISO1250, 180 second exposure, tracked. Ten photos stacked.
2023 Season Recap Part 2: 
1. Ward Charcoal Ovens State Park, Ely, NV
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3. And 4. Silver Strand State Beach 
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I embark on a thrilling journey through Nevada’s vibrant natural landscapes and diverse wildlife.
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Textures of the Nevada desert. Ive been away from Instagram for a little while but I’m back now so you’ll be seeing a lot from my recent adventures across the Southwest

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