Beatty Cowboys

Set against the alluring Death Valley National Park and the most photographed ghost town in Nevada, the spirit of the Old West comes alive in Beatty. Around these parts, there’s no better group to usher you into your Silver State discoveries than the Beatty Cowboys. As the heart of the historic Bullfrog Mining District, Beatty was once a major hub for mining activity and the only preserved piece of this fascinating thread of Nevada history that’s still in full swing operation to this day. The Gateway to Death Valley, your trip to Beatty is far from over without checking out one of the most complete Beatty-area historic photo archives, getting to know a true Sagebrush Saloon or two, checking out the local creature scene, and of course swapping stories (or catching a live performance!) with the Beatty Cowboys, Floozies and Petticoats.

Beatty’s Homeland Security

A group of friends and Beatty-area residents, the Beatty Cowboys, Floozies and Petticoats host Old West reenactments and performances ranging from gunslinging shootouts, Shotgun Wedding ceremonies and beyond at a handful of Beatty special events, like Beatty Days. Dressed in 19th-century costume, many of the Beatty Cowboys are retired law enforcement who participate in these staged live performances alongside the Floozies—many of which also happen to be their wives. Hire the Beatty Cowboys for a special event, wedding ceremony, or party, and be sure to keep an eye out for ‘em at the Happy Burro—a fave local watering hole for the group. Pose for a perfect photo opp over a frosty cold beer and get the lowdown on the life and times of Beatty straight from the Beatty Cowboys mouths. But watch yourself: they might mix you up with a wily prospector and throw you in (temporary) jail!

This Location:

Central, Nevada