Situated in southwestern Nevada along the Nevada-California border in between Tonopah, Goldfield, and Dyer, off-roaders, ghost towners, and hot spring soakers from near and far know the Old School Saloon as one of the best Sagebrush Saloons in the Silver State. Located in the tiny living ghost town of Silver Peak—one of the oldest mining communities in Nevada—the Old School Saloon lives up to its name with all kinds of cold refreshments served with the small town hospitality rural Nevada is known for.

Whether you’re toasting to hiking the tallest peak in Nevada, flowing natural hot springs, or getting out to explore some of the best ghost towns in southwestern Nevada, make this Sagebrush Saloon part of all your Dyer-area discoveries.

Silver Peak was founded all the way back in 1864—the same year Nevada officially became a state—after gold and silver-rich ore was discovered in the region. While Silver Peak’s gold and silver mining days have been long gone and the permanent population has dwindled to less than 200 people, Silver Peak, NV has experienced a mining renaissance in recent years, thanks to the discovery of rich lithium deposits in a dry lakebed (or playa) in on the outskirts of town. Today, the Silver Peak lithium mine is the only lithium source in the United States, and supplies 1% of the world’s output.

As you are exploring the southwestern Nevada region, make the side trip to Silver Peak—located equidistant to Dyer, Tonopah, and Goldfield—to see amazing examples of 19th century mining equipment in Silver Peak itself, along with old structures and ruins in nearby Gold Point, Blair, and Nivloc. Boundary Peak, Nevada’s tallest mountain peak, lies just around the corner, along with Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs, and some of our fave Uncommon Overnighters in the Silver State at Hard Luck Castle & Mine, and Queensland Vineyard Bed & Breakfast. And of course while you’re in the area, stop in the Old School Saloon to knock back a cold one with lively locals, modern day lithium miners, and adventurous road trippers alike.


The Old School Saloon in Silver Peak, NV is open seven days a week from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM. 

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