Uncommon Overnighters

If you’re looking for a vacation that’s irresistibly different, with some more unique accommodations along the way, you’re in the right place. Nevada has always been known for its world-renowned white-glove hospitality at world-class hotels, casino-resorts, and more. And don’t get us wrong; we love it all. Go enjoy your time at a swanky property (we’ve got plenty), but then get on out there, take a few roads less traveled, and you’ll soon discover: our quirks are our perks.

From famously haunted hotels to clown-covered motels, off-grid guest ranch retreats to backcountry cabins in hot spring havens, places to stay in the Silver State are far from average. Bring your sense of adventure, shift into memory-maker mode, and get ready for the kind of overnight experiences that can only happen here.


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Off-the-Grid Overnighters, Oddball Hotels, and Historic Haunts

As the home of some of the most famous boomtowns in the West, Nevada’s Wild West stories come alive in haunted hotels in Nevada’s “living” ghost towns. Stay at spooky old hospitals turned galleries and other historic haunts—including some that paranormal investigators consider “active” enough to be portals to the underworld—or spend an evening with the infamous Lady in Red, a guest at a swanky old mining-era hotel who never really checked out.

Nevada’s also got its fair share of oddball themed hotels. Whether you love clowns enough to stay in a motel adorned with hundreds of them—next to a historic cemetery, no less—or are simply morbidly curious enough to check it out, head to Tonopah. A handmade concrete castle near Austin, an out-of-this-world Area 51-area trailer cluster, and a few former-bordello B&Bs are just a handful of more offbeat options. Point is, if you’re stoked to stay somewhere that’ll earn you some serious stories, Nevada’s got you covered.

Looking to overnight it in some of the Silver State’s best kept secret spots? Explore Nevada ghost towns by day, then spend the night in guest rooms crafted from original miners’ cabins. Snag a truly “elevated” experience in a yurt among Elko’s alp-like Ruby Mountains, a cool 10,000 feet above sea level; or pack into one that’s just a shishkabob’s throw from top-notch winter ice fishing and summertime stand-up paddleboarding at Cave Lake State Park. Or even post up for the night in off-grid BYO-everything cabins where it’s just you, your campmates, and maybe even a resident band of wild burros—along with a woodburning stove and a nearby river of natural hot springs beneath a few million stars.


Seriously—If part of your trip includes staying at a clown-themed hotel, or stucco castle in the desert, it needs to be documented. Bring us along for the ride and tag #TravelNevada, and if we love it, you may find it featured here.

In honor of World UFO Day 🛸 
Flashback to last summer’s incredible Roadtrip to Rachel, Nevada: The UFO Capital of the world, population 50!  In the middle of nowhere and the closest town to Area 51 👽
The truth is out there!
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Good morning from The Shady Lady Ranch in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. This brothel, turned bed and breakfast, is literally floating in a sea of sagebrush.  This is my view from the pet friendly
Fly in, glamp out! Thanks, @melindaschnyder, for including Ruby 360 Lodge in Lamoille, Nevada, in your roundup of winter glamping spots!

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Happy Memorial Day 🤡
• Do you have Coulrophobia? *Irrational fear of clowns
• I visited the World Famous The Clown Motel. It has been in Tonopah, NV for over 35 years. 🤡
• There are over 600 clowns on the property. Siblings, Leona and LeRoy David built the motel. Their dad was killed in the 1911 Belmont Mine Fire and is buried in the cemetery right next to the motel. 🤡
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virginiacity is a MUST stop for anyone wanting to tango with the paranormal 💃👻 and the Silver Queen may offer you just that chance.
This place holds a special place in our hearts. I personally have multiple experiences in the old hotels upper floors with both the living + it's spirits!
At the end of the hallway (📸), I got a good shove into the bench, also in the picture. This was just after a local man we met in the hallway let me know
Nothing says social distancing like staying in a tipi deep in the desert 🌵. Located in Nevada's Mojave Desert, sandyvalleyranchnv is a Wild West haven that brings out the cowboy (or girl) in all guests. Explore the wide-open spaces and learn more about our Ranch getaways. Link in bio.
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Y’all ever heard of the Overland Hotel & Saloon before? Well we got to stay in it! It was featured on-the Travel channels Ghost adventures show! Boy I love Nevada’s hidden little gem’s!
Have you ever stayed in a ghost town?
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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – a man moves to Las Vegas as a professional casino wallpaper installer, hits it big on a jackpot, and uses his winnings to BUY AN ENTIRE GHOST TOWN. ✨💁🏻‍♂️🎰🎉💰👻
Gold Point may not exist today if not for the efforts of Herb Robbins and his partners, Chuck and Walt Kremin. History buffs and ghost town aficionados, they’ve lovingly preserved what remains of this boom-and-bust community. Pack an overnight bag and settle into an original miner’s cabin at the Gold Point Ghost Town B&B, which features family-style dinners and a saloon that’s just aces. The stargazing in these parts ain’t too shabby either. 😉🌠
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At Nevada Northern Railway Museum, you'll have the opportunity to stay overnight in a real caboose. Caboose #22 may not offer any traditional amenities, but it'll be an experience you won't soon forget.

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A beautiful sunset surrounds St. Mary's Art Center!