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Got the Need for Speed? Hit the Track with Car Racing in the Silver State

“Hey Alexa: show me car racing near me”. When it comes to auto racing sports in Nevada, and no matter what part of the Silver State you plan to ride through—no problem. If you’ve always dreamt of drifting a Lamborghini Aventador through the apex of the race track with a personal driving coach, are checking a high speed NASCAR experience of a lifetime off the ol’ bucket list, or looking to get right into the heart of the action at prestigious national and local racing events at one-of-a-kind motorsports complexes, start your engines. Nevada’s premier auto racing scene is unlike any other. 

All Nevada Racetracks
All Nevada Racetracks
  • Race Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Other Exotic Cars 
  • NASCAR & the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • National Sprint Car Racing Series, Off-Road Competitions & Beyond

Whether you’re throttling a sports car to its full potential or catching a NASCAR race at one-of-a-kind motorsports complexes, start your engines. Nevada’s premier auto racing scene is unlike any other.

Visit Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Northwestern & Southern

Wanna know what it feels like to be a race car driver hitting triple digit speeds? How about pushing luxury supercars to their peak performances? There’s no shortage of action-packed adrenaline with the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as the HQ for the Vegas car racing scene. Sprawling more than 1,600 acres into the Mojave desert north of Sin City, Las Vegas Motor Speedway is considered to be one of the most diverse race complexes in the world, brimming with more than a dozen different venues within one location. Get your hands on tickets to the NASCAR Cup Series races held here each year, take a VIP tour of the track, or take things into your own hands with plenty of personal experience packages offered at this superspeedway. 

collection of cars from exotics racing in nevada
Exotics Racing | Las Vegas Supercar Driving

Get to Know What Dream Racing is Made of at Exotics Racing

Wanna know the stuff dream racing is made of? Get behind the wheel of the largest selection of supercars in the world for an experience found nowhere else in the auto racing industry at Exotics Racing. Part of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway complex, push luxury sports cars ranging from Ferrari, to Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Corvette Z06, Audi R8 and beyond to their full capacity with personalized racing instruction on a special track validated by the official track designer for the IndyCar Series. This custom-designed 1.2 mile racetrack caters to the demands of high performance exotic car racing, complete with 7 turns, 1,800 feet of straightaway, and a high speed banked bowl. 

Looking to up the ante? In a city whose mastered pushing the limits, racing experiences at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is no exception. Book a five-star driving experience with the Dream Racing package—which brings you to the real race track inside the superspeedway for an experience unlike any other. 

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Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Book the Mario Andretti & NASCAR Racing Experience

As part of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway experience you can drive a full size Indy-style race car, or jump in for a ride-along at the Mario Andretti Racing Experience. Dubbed the “World’s fastest Driving Experience,” there’s no lead car to follow, and no instructor in the vehicle in this auto racing experience. And is there anything better than a true NASCAR ride? Reserve your spot in the NASCAR Racing Experience where you’ll enroll in formalized driving instruction, meet your Crew Chief, then jump behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car for yourself on this 1.5-mile oval race track—complete with banked turns, one-on-one instruction from a spotter over in-car radio, and average speeds that soar well beyond 200 miles-per-hour. 

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Exotics Racing | Vegas SuperKarts

Corvette Class is in Session at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club

Maybe you’ve already got the pinks to your own supercar, and now you just need to learn the ropes by pushing it to its peak performance. If that’s the case, then head for Pahrumps’s Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club—a performance driving school and private clubhouse for Corvette owners. Boasting an 8th-generation Corvette owners school and Cadillac Academy, enroll in racing school, private speed classes, and become a licensed road racer with the Sports Car Club of America.

Home of the longest road course in North America with 50 unique configurations across six miles of challenging track, this driving school sets itself apart. Boasting an elite, state-of-the-art resort-style clubhouse with amenities you won’t find at any other racing facilities, it’s more than just a racing experience at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club. As the ultimate destination for motorsports maniacs, become a club member to learn how to really drive your ZR1 while basking in premier resort-style amenities and hospitality. 

cars racing at spring mountain motor sports
Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club
truck participates in nevada off road racing
Mint 400 Off-Road Race

Take It Off-Road at the Fernley 95 Speedway

Ready to put a little Nevada grit back into high-octane racing? Situated about 30 minutes from Reno, find the holy grail of off-road motorsports racing at the Fernley 95A Speedway. Tucked in a basin beneath northern Nevada high desert mountainscapes and skies, it’s here where you’ll find some of the Silver State’s most prestigious national and local racing events, ranging from the National Sprint Car Racing Series, midget racing, go-kart racing and beyond. 

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Looking for even more thrilling “car racing near me?” How about an open-road race on a closed public highway from Las Vegas to Ely? As the world’s fastest road race, The Silver State Classic Challenge is where the rubber meets the road, sure to satisfy the speed demons and dreamers in all of us.

Tucked in a basin beneath northern Nevada high desert mountainscapes and skies, it’s here where you’ll find some of the Silver State’s most prestigious national and local racing events, ranging from the National Sprint Car Racing Series, midget racing, go-kart racing and beyond. 

yellow lamborghini parked in front of a mountain
Silver State Classic Challenge

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Just like your favorite classic cruiser, Nevada is where cars (and car enthusiasts) shine. Buckle up for a bevy of ways to satisfy a need for speed – from crushing laps in exotic rides and getting gritty on dirt tracks to toasting milk at NASCAR series and literally road racing up the eastern edge of the Silver State.


Wanna jump in the driver’s seat of that cherry-red Lambo you’ve always dreamt of driving while you were here? This sorta thing must be documented. Tag #TravelNevada and if we love our shot, you may find it featured here.

Supercars’ heaven is here in Las Vegas✨ at Exotics Racing🏁 Drive with us and join the world’s largest motorsports competition, the #michelintimetrialchallenge ⏱ what is your best lap time on our racetrack? 
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With 6.1 miles of track and over 50 configurations, it’s no wonder this is your adult playground! 🏁
It's every gearhead and speeders dream. 122.5 miles of closed, two-lane public highway. No oncoming traffic. No semis in your way. No minivans in the left lane. No cops writing tickets. Just you, your car, and your need for speed. Oh, yeah, did we mention it's legal? Yep. 100% legit. Sanctioned. Encouraged.

If someone gave you the chance, would you stay deep in the throttle down those long straights, around blind curves, and through the twisty canyons?

Have you got the guts to not just touch, but to average 110, 155, or 180+ MPH over the entire course distance?

There’s only one way to find out.

Nevada Open Road Challenge (#NORC), May 16-19th. The World's Longest (and fastest) Open Road Racing event.

Limited grid space currently remains for this event. Don't let us pass you by! Register today at

ATTENTION RACERS! The World's Fastest AND Longest Open Road Racing Event is growing even longer* for 2019!

Also, new & improved for this year, registration for the 2019 Nevada Open Road Challenge 120+ Two-Way Event will open February 1st @ 8 AM Pacific Time at

NOTE - Unlike previous SSCC events, no entries will be accepted online, via email, or US Mail, BEFORE a time stamp (or postmark) of Feb 1st @ 8 AM PT.

Grid space will be limited to 135 vehicles, so be sure to sign up on Feb 1st if you want to race the new, improved, longer two-way NORC course on May 19th! *Stay tuned for an upcoming official announcement of the new 2019 NORC 120+ course length additions.

Come race with us in May!
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CONGRATS Dylan 💥 He defended his crown as 250 Supercross Champion last weekend🏆

Right after he stopped by at Exotics Racing to show his talent on our racetrack 💥 He drove the Mercedes Benz AMG GTR with a lap time of 52.6 🏁 ————————————
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Theme of the weekend. @rowdybusch will lead the field tomorrow for the #Pennzoil400!
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Throwing it back to MSO X delivery day at @SpringMountainMotorsports!⁠
The MSO X was a bespoke run of only 10 cars special ordered by McLaren Newport Beach clients through McLaren Special Operations to make a street legal 570S GT4! Each vehicle features a livery originally seen on the iconic McLaren F1 GTRs from the 1990's.⁠
Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!⁠
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Drivers race for position during the Pennzoil 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada
Photographer: stephen_arce
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