area 51 alien travel center

Area 51 Alien Travel Center

Next to the “World’s Largest Firecracker,” the Area 51 Alien Travel Center is your bright beacon announcing your arrival to Alien Country. The travel center is not only a convenience store offering gas, alien jerky, and place to grab a hot meal before continuing on to Las Vegas, but is also home to the nation’s only alien-themed *clears throat* late-night establishment.

2771 E US HWY 95

(775) 372-1500

Nevada’s Area 51 Alien Travel Center

Right next door to Alamo Fireworks, home to the giant M-800 aka “The World’s Largest Firecracker,” lies the Area 51 Alien Travel Center. Housing Daddy D’s Rocket Diner, an alien souvenir shop, and a gas station, this one-stop-alien-themed-shop is one of the last places to take a break on the Extraterrestrial Highway before finishing the final stretch to Las Vegas via Highway 95. If you’re looking to stay overnight, check out the Little A’Le’Inn or the RV park across the street. If you’re exploring the Area 51 Travel Center, you may also notice one additional amenity—a shockingly pink annex protruding out from behind the main building. Take a peek, it’s the only alien-themed one of its kind in the nation.

If you plan on traversing the ET Highway (NV-375 between Tonopah and Alamo) and looping back to Las Vegas, you’ll encounter the Area 51 Travel Center, either on your way there or back. Either way, the stop is a meeting place for believers and kitsch-seekers alike. Many people have donated sci-fi items to the various businesses in the area lining the Extraterrestrial Highway and businesses surrounding Area 51, including to the Area 51 Travel Center.

Alien Stock and the Storm Area 51 Festival

By now we’re sure you’ve heard of the infamous Facebook event, ‘Storm Area 51—They Can’t Stop All of Us.’ With 2 million people RSVP’d, you can imagine the little town of Rachel and other surrounding areas don’t completely know what to expect. With that said, while there’s no way you’ll get close to actual Area 51, located on an active military base, there is still a gathering out in the Nevada desert on September 20, 2019, and it’s shaping up to be a 3-day alien-themed extravaganza celebrating aliens and art and everything in between.

It seems everyone is trying to make the most out of the hoopla surrounding the joke event that quite literally got shot down by the government. Alien Stock is the brainchild of the original Facebook event creator, Matthew Roberts, promising a two-day music festival Sept. 20-22 with surprise performances, art installations, and camping around the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, NV.

Meanwhile, the nearby Alien Research Center’s ‘Storm Area 51 Festival’ will feature music, guest lectures by famous UFOlogists and ET experts, including Bob Lazar, food trucks and camping, with extra parking and a shuttle offered from E-T-Fresh Jerky, starting Friday, September 20, 2019.

Regardless if these festivals go down the day of the tongue-in-cheek Area 51 raid or not, if you love aliens and find yourself along Nevada’s alien highway, plan on stopping by the Alien Research Center near the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Just remember, the town’s population in Rachel, Nevada is currently sitting at a healthy 54 people, and the residents only have one hotel there (the Little A’Le’Inn), which as you’ve probably already guessed, is booked. (Instead, look to nearby Alamo, Caliente, or the abundance of options in Tonopah). Other than the Little A'Le'Inn, there are no services in Rachel, so plan your trip accordingly and bring a few layers! Desert temperatures fluctuate, especially in the evenings. So with the presumed influx of people into the city, plan on little to no cell service. This will also affect the credit card machines to make sure to bring plenty of cash, too!

More Alien Places in Nevada

If you still haven’t gotten your alien fix, there are plenty more alien attractions in Nevada to see after the Area 51 Alien Travel Center. Head back down the ET Highway to check out the cleanest restrooms in Area 51 to drop your toxic waste, the ET Highway sign, the Mizpah Hotel and much, much more. 

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