Ready to get to know Nevada’s Weirdest, Wildest West? Embark on a Las Vegas Area 51 Tour—an unforgettable out-and-back day trip from Las Vegas to Rachel that highlights some of the Extraterrestrial Highway road trip’s most legendary stops. With ex-Air Force Captain Chuck Clark at the wheel, get to know the center of the universe for alien activity one mysterious location at a time with a ticket to ride on Area 51 Tours.

Are you a believer? Uncover truths at top secret military bases like Area 51, eye down UFOs in the center of the universe for alien activity, explore mutant joshua tree forests, knock back an Alien beer or two, and beyond on this all out extraterrestrial tour from Las Vegas.

With tours offered daily, depart on this tour from Las Vegas to Rachel and back for a full day, out-of-this-world experience. From Las Vegas, Area 51 Tours will pick you up at your hotel in a luxury vehicle stocked with lunch, unlimited bottled water and snacks, and a real-deal ex-Air Force Captain as your guide. Discover miles and miles of wide-open Nevada landscapes skirting the notorious Area 51 secret military base perimeter, along with a tried-and-true lineup of Weird Nevada eccentricities, like the Black Mailbox, the Little A’Le’Inn, a number of mysterious dry lakebeds, mutant joshua tree forests, ancient petroglyphs and beyond.

Know Before You Go

Captain Chuck will have you stocked with plenty of snacks and water, but be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and a few layers of clothing as high desert temperatures can change fast in this stretch of Nevada. Be sure to pack comfy shoes, and of course the camera too!


Area 51 Tours operates daily, departing from Las Vegas at 7:00 AM with a return time back in Vegas at 5:00 PM. For more info on booking your Area 51 Tour, dial (702) 889-8687.


Booking online/in advance and the number of people you’ve got in your group determines total admission, though an estimated range is $199 to $1400. To secure your spot on Area 51 Tours and get the most current info on pricing and availability, get in touch with Adventure Tours directly at (702) 889-8687.

This Location:

Southern Nevada, Nevada


Las Vegas


Southern Nevada