Fastest Gun Alive World Championship

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Safety first, fun second, and competition third is the name of the game at the World Cowboy Fast Draw Championship, held in The Oasis of Nevada. Cultures around the world sure have been romanced by the art of the quick draw, and today, that legacy lives on through the Cowboy Fast Draw Association in Fallon, where competitors from all over the United States (and world!) go head to head for fast draw competitions, safety and master courses, costume seminars, and much more.

The legacy of the Old West lives on in Fallon, where more than 250 competitors from all corners of the globe strap on their six-shooters and go head to head for bragging rights of Fastest Gun Alive.

Along with the coveted title of Fastest Gun Alive, this Western extravaganza celebrates all kinds of exciting workshops and seminars, like Shooting Range Master Courses, U.S. Marshal’s Cup Shoot, Caring for your Six-Gun, Texas Hold’em Tournament, Western Costume Seminars, and Shoot for the Stars Silent Auction, to name a few. Local food, clothing, and crafts vendors will be on-site, along with “Try Cowboy Fast Draw”, where spectators can learn the ropes of fast draw from veteran gunslingers, and try their hand at using real six-guns with wax bullet ammunition, practice drawing from Western holsters, and more.

For more information on registering to compete and a full schedule of spectator events, get in touch with Cowboy Fast Draw Association directly at (775) 575-1802.

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