Fastest Gun Alive World Cowboy Fast Draw Championship


Showdowns on dusty, deserted streets of a one-horse town are more fiction than fact in the real Old West. But cultures worldwide have long been fascinated by real-life legends of the quick draw, capturing popular imagination for well over a century and becoming an integral part of western folklore.

That legacy lives on through the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, which promotes quick draw shooting competitions nationwide. The most coveted of these tournaments is the Fastest Gun Alive World Cowboy Fast Draw Championship held in Fallon for the past 12 years at the Churchill Country Fairgrounds.

More than 250 competitors representing a broad cross-section of ages and abilities from all around the United States and several other countries don their western wear and strap on their six-guns, ready to test their skill and showcase their craft: The art of the fast draw.

Besides fast-draw shooters, the event will also feature Cowboy Mounted Shooting, and a Classic Car Show (Sunday Only).  Food, clothing, and crafts vendors will also be on site for the four-day event. Safety is always the primary concern.  There is also a Saturday-only “Try Cowboy Fast Draw,” where spectators can actually get a lesson from veteran gunslingers and “try their hand” using real six-guns, western holsters and special wax bullet ammunition.


September 30 - October 3, 2021
9:00am - 4:00pm daily

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North Central




North Central

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