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Seasons in Nevada

Nevada’s reputation is a wild one, but so is its weather. It’s also one of the country’s largest states, with elevations that range from under 500 feet above sea level to snow-capped peaks cracking 13,000 feet, with 100,000-ish square miles of high and low desert, forested basins, and plenty of other climate zones in between. Basically, it ain’t all hot Vegas nights and rattlesnakes slithering over sand dunes. Let us show you how to navigate the weather around here—one season at a time.

  • Seasons in Nevada
  • What to Pack
  • Beat the (Weather) System

The road up Mount Charleston (one of Nevada’s tallest) climbs through seven distinct climate zones over the course of just 17 miles—the same amount you cover on your way from Mexico to Canada.

Nevada Weather: Here’s What to Pack

Pack Your Parkas AND Your Trunks

Although Nevada is one of the driest states, the sky dumps plenty of rain and snow into our many wild rivers, alpine lakes, and powder-packed mountain slopes—and that’s not just Nevada in winter. Nevada summers can dazzle you with some of the clearest, darkest, star-studded skies or surprise you with a refreshing shower. Our weather gods always deliver.

child runs through a spring wildflower bloom in nevada
Spring Wildflower Bloom in Nevada
BLM Nevada

What to Pack? Here’s What We’d Suggest:

  • Base Layers—tanks, t-shirt, shorts, and leggings or thermals
  • Jeans or pants, rain jacket, down jacket, gloves and a hat
  • Hiking boot or tennis shoe—whether you’re strolling the Strip or getting into the backcountry, something comfy enough to support your daylong endeavors while protecting your feet
  • Some kind of shoe that can get wet and protect your toes (think hot springs or muddy roads circumstances) is key. Chacos, Tevas or Crocs always seem to get the job done.
  • Sunscreen, chapstick, a billed hat and bandanna
  • Swimsuit
Great Basin National Park
Great Basin National Park

Lucky for you, traveler, what that means is there’s really no such thing as a best season to visit Nevada. Any time you visit is sure to be extraordinary. Even in our deserts, there are four seasons in Nevada. Sure, there are some hot, dry desertscapes—and they’re stunning. But depending where else you wander, Nevada in spring means you may wind up face to face with a stunning wildflower bloom and fall in Nevada promises an explosion of fall foliage that would leave a New Englander stupefied.

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

Bring water, water and more water. Pack more than you think you’ll need—it’s dry in Nevada, and when you run low, a chance to restock may be hours away.

So… What is the Weather in Nevada?

Tips and Tricks for Mastering High and Low Desert Climates

You know all those places that think “their” local saying is “You don’t like the weather? Wait 15 minutes!” Yep, we’re one of those. So what is the climate in Nevada, exactly? In a state spanning more than 100,000 square miles, weather conditions in Nevada change as often as the terrain surrounding you does. Making sure you’ve got the right gear is one thing, being aware of weather hazards and how they may shape your time in Nevada is another.

Tips and Tricks

Get your packing list dialed in, and make sure some basic safety tools are on it—like a paper map or an atlas, extra water supply, tire patch kit, and understanding of cell coverage—in case an unpredictable weather pattern moves your way. After all, one of the reasons we love Nevada so much is because it’s still so wild; it’s just good to know how to navigate inclement weather like a pro. Also, if you’re headed into rural Nevada, it’s always a good idea to let someone know where you’re headed, and when you plan to return, too. (Basically, just call your mom.)

Look ahead at forecast or even doppler radars, and make sure you know before you go by mapping out where you’re headed, how to navigate within each city, and how to connect from point A to B—especially during crazy Nevada weather.

Ruby Mountain Heli Ski, Heli Ski, Heli Skiing
Ruby Mountains Heli-Ski Experience


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Aurora only showed herself for a few minutes last night, but we did get a fireworks show to make up for her fleeting visit. 
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The Universe out here making magic 
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It’s always an adventure not knowing where we’ll end up. 

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A beautiful morning with a few of my favorites.

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More Silver State Shenanigans. Explored a beautiful slice of the Ruby Mountains south of Elko. #travelnevada #getoutdoors #lamoillecanyon
After a few trip plans didn’t work out tom.m.schroeder and I ended up with bikes in the northern Nevada desert camped next to a hot spring. The biking was epic and couldn’t ask for a better campsite.  On the way home we did a ride near Mount Shasta, California that also did not disappoint. #gravelbike #nevada #blackrockdesert #mountshasta #camping
Spring in Nevada 💗

I’ve been loving these views from Carson Valley, Reno, and Tahoe. Having fun on pet-sitting adventures and can’t get enough of these spring blooms!

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📍Kershaw-Ryan State Park
Caliente, Nevada —————————————————
Check out this gorgeous view at Kershaw Ryan State Park! Nevada is home to 27 beautiful and unique state parks. Stay tuned for some video and details of various parks around the state! nvstateparks kershawryanstatepark 
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The boys meet their biggest enemy: Water that mom will not allow them to swim in😩
Swipe for more springs content👀
The last photo* shows the endangered fish that call these springs its home, and the video* at the end has a lovely birdsong if you turn on the sound.
Let me tell you, it is super hard to get a photo of a fish from above the water’s surface, but I did my best so I could always remember being able to see an endangered species in its natural habitat. A very cool thing to witness, and I think the parks service has done an amazing job spreading information around the park and making the springs easy to view, while also keeping these animals and their habitat protected and healthy❤️
I think I said before that this location was on my bucket list for a WHILE, and my mom’s visit was the perfect time to make it happen. I love being able to experience new places with my favorite people- it makes the memories all the more special ❤️
Collar and leash sets: bestiespetco (discount codes at the link in bio)
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Camp Denio was my favorite stop on last spring's trip to northern Washoe County. 
William “Billie” Denio homesteaded in this remote location. It is known as Camp Denio and Billie Denio’s Place.
I love it when I find little treasures. I didn’t expect to find an old photo of Denio Camp, but I came across it at the Library of Congress. The title is “Camp Denio, 5 Miles From Scene of Murder, 1911.” The photo was part of a series depicting the Battle of Kelley Creek between Native Americans and law enforcement.
Gorgeous scenery, historic buildings and a murder? One I finish my current project, this is on the top of new articles to write!
Gorgeous scenery, historic buildings and a murder? Once I finish my current project, this is on the top of new articles to write!

Learn more information at the link below under Northern Washoe County Ghost Towns. 

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