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Coming to Nevada? Pack your appetite. When it comes to places to eat in Nevada, the menu is satisfyingly long. Basically, if you can crave it, Nevada bars and restaurants can serve it. Las Vegas and the Biggest Little City have always stolen the show with their world-class culinary scenes. Everyone knows: nobody does buffets like Nevada—period

But decadent buffets don’t just lure hungry visitors off Las Vegas Strip; out of about 130 buffets statewide, only 72 are in Vegas. Famous for quantity, but prized for quality and variety, you can chart multiple courses through bacon-wrapped filets, Alaskan king crab, creme brulee, and most anything else in Mesquite, West Wendover, Pahrump, Carson City, and, of course, Reno and Sparks, often for less than the cost of a round of cocktails in New York.


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Whether it’s the newest item on your bucket list or the best wrong turn you ever took, whichever corner of this state you venture to, you’re bound to uncover the kind of unexpected encounters, memorable characters, and only-in-Nevada experiences that make this place so damn special. Get your hands on stunning images, surprising stories, colorful characters, do-before-you-die events, and beyond. And just to sweeten the deal, in addition to sending you our official Nevada Visitors Guide, we’ll throw in our swanky state map, too.

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Classic Casino Steakhouses

And then there are those classic steakhouses—the old-school type you’ve seen in movies like Casino and Goodfellas, decked out with tufted, red leather booths, white-glove table service, the choicest, juiciest steaks, exquisitely curated wine lists, bartenders who know the definition of a perfect manhattan. Las Vegas sizzles with some of the most country’s most legendary steakhouses, like the Golden Steer Steakhouse (a Rat Pack favorite), Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse, and even Hugo’s Cellar—where every lady is greeted with a long-stemmed rose.

Up north, sink your teeth into award winning prime rib paradise at Bimini Steakhouse, The Steak House at Western Village, and Cactus Creek Prime Steakhouse in the Reno-Sparks area. Outside the casinos, just about every city and town in the Silver State is equipped with an outstanding , too. Head for the Pine Lodge Dinner House in Lamoille, or the local favorite Cellblock Steakhouse in Ely—whose dining room makes for the most enjoyable time you’re likely to spend inside a real jail cell—and a few Saturday night roadhouse prime rib or ribeye feeds at many sagebrush saloons. 


Whether you bucket-list your way through Vintage Vegas bars and steakhouses or discover your buffet-vorite all-you-can-eat extravaganza, remember to tag #NVEats. If we find your pic tasteful enough, look for it here!

What a stunning look when you first walk into bentlyheritagedistillery in Minden, Nevada. Those bright sparkling German column stills set the mood for this amazingly intricate vodka, gin, and bourbon making facility. 
The attention to detail here is epic and as an Estate certified distillery, they control production from one end to the other, including growing all of their own gains on bentlyranch in the shadows of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the high desert.
@karenasplindh giving me the boot in Elko Nevada at the @elkostarhotel after an incredible meal and a couple of Picons. 
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📹: Fruity Pebble Deep Fried French Toast...
Thank you ladylorise for the yummy share!
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We’re Open 7 days a week!
Daily- 7:00am-3:00pm ...
Can’t Dine in? .
Breakfast/ Lunch: House Specials •Homemade Skillets• Scrambles •Burgers •Wraps •Pancakes•
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This is what life is really about. Having a Picon Punch with the orignl1 in the restaurant at the Star Hotel in Elko, NV.  The lamb chops and ribeye were amazing as well. It was awesome to see people out and about, talking, laughing and sharing a meal. 
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Let's have a toast to the endless possibilities at the Savor Brunch buffet.
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Baby Yoda, in cocktail form 😂🤓🎒📸🌇🆒🇺🇲
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While we typically prefer methods that prioritize quality over quantity, we waste virtually nothing on the ranch with spent grain going to the dairy farm next door.⁠
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If you know me at all then you know I have a bottomless pit for a stomach, so when I heard there was a food challenge at the end of my trip on Nevada's Route 50, I knew what I had to do; One 3+ lb burger, around 2lbs of fries, and 5000 calories in a single sitting. 🙌🤷🏻‍♂️ 3rd pic shows a
Hydrate with our craft cocktails 🍹
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We’re pretty proud of this one, the first sparkling wine made in Nevada! Not just any sparkling wine either, this is a Petillant Naturale, commonly referred to as a Pet Nat, made using Methode Traditionale, the oldest method for producing sparkling wines. These wines are bottled as a young and wild wine and finishes primary fermentation in the bottle, producing the effervescence and a cloudy wine with yeasty lees (sediment) in bottom of the bottle. No sulfur, no filtration, no additions of any kind. And made as always with fruit from our estate vineyard where we use organic farming practices. 
Known as the Russian Roulette of wine making due to their unpredictable nature and often funky profile, Pet Nat has experienced a resurgence in popularity among niche natural wine crowds and lovers of unique wine experiences who appreciate a more honest and authentic breed of bubbly.

Tasting Notes: unfiltered, light bottle lees and cloudiness true to the style, pale golden color. Bouquet of ripe pear, fennel, and clover honey. Round and full in the mouth, vibrant acidity, soft frothy bubbles and a honeyed finish. 
This wine is brand new so for now it’s only available in the tasting room. $27/bottle